1. As a SN who’s 99.99% sure of my ID, this picture (along with the stills from Butterfield 8) make me wonder if everything I know about this system is just wrong lol and I’ve misunderstood everything💀 Although the dress accommodation really confirm it for me, as I benefit from width accommodation.

  2. As a R who has considered SN I think that's by far the best way to tell because we can look similar to celebs from a different ID (I was always able to relate body wise with Scarjo for instance) but still need different accommodations.

  3. I think Elizabeth Taylor is an interesting case on why we shouldn't fixate over one part of our body to find our ID. The typical stereotype for Rs is that their shoulders are narrow in comparison to their hips but despite the fact that this isn't the case for her, she doesn't appear top heavy. Her shoulders are rounded and slopped and they don't dominate her figure.

  4. I'm 5'2 and when I first delved into Kibbe about 2 years ago I settled on SC. I came here again after having a little bit of doubt, and in a way I wish I hadn't because that doubt grew even bigger when I saw peoples responses! Only one person said SC, I got lots of DC, some SG and FG and dven one SD (before they realised my height!) Anyway, I'm hoping for some more guidance.

  5. Thanks for your response! What makes you say DC over SC? I made a post in kibbetypeme, there's more photos in it if that helps at all, and a longer description

  6. Although you have conventional curves, I don't think you need curve accommodation. I can imagine you with the more tailored typical DC look. (Although I'm not that familiar with C recs)

  7. For both aspects, the heroine one is a better fit.

  8. Thank you I wanna try it. I have straight lashes that don't hold the curl like you do. Korean mascaras have been God sent so far.

  9. To hold and last the curl, the Rom&nd one is better

  10. I don't think you are R because I don't see double curve. SC is more likely.

  11. It's hard to tell by those pictures At least you seem like a soft type. Either SD or R

  12. Very typical SD imo Even without checking your height you have elongation and a T shape along with curves

  13. Interesting, maybe I've wrongly ruled out seasons just because of my eye colour!

  14. Yes I think the stereotype is that summers always have blue eyes but that's not the case (maybe for light summer if you are white) but still it's up to what looks good

  15. I used to have a nose stud and it was cute. Then I replaced it with a ring and I didn't like it as much because it was emphasizing how round my nose is lmao (nothing wrong with round noses though). It depends on the face since not all Rs have yin faces but if you have the typical R face, be a bit cautious because they can look harsh on us. Maybe take those fake ones, to see how it looks before getting the real deal.

  16. ethnicity has nothing to do with ID, but from what I can see your frame looks pretty dominant yet narrow at the same time. You can be conventionally quite curvy and yang dominant, which seems to be the case here. You also seem to have elongation, lengthy limbs and I don’t see double curve. Although it’s a bit tricky to tell for sure as these pictures are cut off and don’t fully show your body, I recommend looking into FG, D or SD :-)

  17. She can't be a FG at 5'7. It's 5'5 maximum and even that is rare. I think OP looks like a SD. Some celebrities that were once considered Rs by Kibbe, when he found out they are tall, he moved them to SD since it's the only tall type that accommodates curve too.

  18. Ahh you’re right, unfortunately google gives mixed information regarding height limits 😕

  19. I think on the book FGs were up to 5'6 but it seems like now it's more strict.

  20. Can somebody tell me the defining features that make a SD face?

  21. The book says full and lush, large eyes, full lips and fleshy cheeks which seems to be the case for every soft/yin type. However those women have longer faces than yin types do (understandable since they are taller) and usually a more prominent/sharp nose.

  22. He is... extremely extremely juxtaposed and his proportions are really gamine, I won't lie. But bc he tends towards more broadness and looks boxy, I say he's somewhere in between G and FG! I still hate that Kibbe took out pure types and personally, I don't quite subscribe to the "you can only belong to one type" bc people have to understand that it is a spectrum, almost like a scatter plot with WAAYYYY more axes that what is visualisable but I digress. G/FG to me! You can compare him to SG Wooyoung and FG San and you'll see that Wooyoung looks a lot more narrow and softer/lusher in flesh than he and San. Not sure if comparing to San would be that helpful since San is a VERY dramatic-leaning FG with extremely narrow everything but with hella wide shoulders but yes, I think you'll be able to see that Hongjoong tends towards a more taut and lean flesh, which gives him more of a boxy look. Just imo!

  23. Yes I think the confusion regarding Hongjoong is because he fits best in G that's not a thing anymore so you have to fit him somewhere else. I agree that pure types were useful and they do exist (especially Ns are common) and honestly if pure types don't exist then what R and D are still doing lmao

  24. That’s just what I’ve read, it maybe came from a David Kibbe himself, but not sure.

  25. I think it depends on where you live too. DK has said that pure Ds and Rs are rare as pure types but in Greece I see many Rs (mostly women).

  26. It’s so hard to tell from photos because stylists and filters can make anyone look good in any color. I think Taylor Swift and Cate Blanchett might be summer. Jenny Mustard IG @jennymustard might also be a summer…maybe? (but she doesn’t dress very summer…lots of gold jewelry and black). I think Alexa Chung might be an autumn but she wears everything under the sun - so definitely some summer there. At first I thought Tilda, but apparently she’s a autumn too :/

  27. That's so true. I have the opossite problem, as a winter the recommended contrast can look harsh on Rs, but it might also be up to personal preference because I prefer pastels 🥲

  28. I forgot to add that I’m 5’7”, would that make a difference in type between SN and SD? I’ll be uploading more photos in a bit just to be clearer!

  29. SD then. You gave me SD vibes from the start and when I saw your height I was certain. Many SDs have frame, the so called T shape, which can confuse them with SN/FN.

  30. I also have dry skin and actually quite like the Kosas Cloud Set(?) powder—it’s not cakey on me and lasts a good while. I only use it to control shine on my forehead and T-zone since I use an SPF moisturizer with a dewy finish. The only thing I don’t like about the Cloud Set is the smell. :/

  31. Someone else recommended that too but unfortunately we don't have Kosas where I live :(

  32. Most people don't need to powder their entire face. My skin is not even dry (it's combo), but I still only powder in the places where I don't want to get shiny and where I've done heavy concealing.

  33. I do agree that most of his reveals are a bit old fashioned but his wife looks great imo! Idk about him because I'm not a big fan of colorful quirky fashion, but his wife dresses in a very glamorous and stereotypically TR way that fits her well.

  34. that explains why TR is the most coveted type. ofc he would treat the type of his wife the best …

  35. I always thought Dakota is FN tbh. But also... I maintain that a lot of pretty, slim celebrity women don't look that different from each other, if you ask me, especially if they are of a similar height. No matter what Kibbe tries to tell me. ;)

  36. Pretty people are their own kibbe type lmao If someone is very good looking, even if they don't wear their lines, they still look good (ex. Selena Gomez)

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