1. This is an amazingly true answer. My partner’s alma mater’s colors are BRIGHT red and white, and he has an “alumni” hat that is bright red with white letters. From afar it looks like a MAGA hat and every time he wears it I’m like 😬

  2. “The red hats are coming! The red hats are coming!”

  3. Seriously, though, its a "barndominium" connected to the original non descript 60s-70s tract design. You'll find a lot of barndominiums on cheap acreage. This one has been dolled up a bit with an unnececessary dormer and aluminum siding.

  4. After I heard this, which was after I heard all about how Musk portrays himself to be bullied in high school for being weird, I am confident that Musk was one of those bullies that would always get out of being held accountable by playing the victim so his audience would feel sorry for him. It's why I think he was so quick to pull the Aspebergers card a couple years ago when he began to show his true personality. The memories of him being "bullied" are probably just him omitting what he did to be "bullied".

  5. He also would have been arrested ten times over for the shit he's pulled (played the markets, sexually assault employees, fucking organized coups in South América) if he wasn't rich

  6. He's also a big manchild who doesn't like it when people make parody accounts of him.

  7. The only “rational way” for this conflict to end is for Russia to get the fuck out of Ukraine.

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