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  1. Personally I take the garbage out regularly but hey if you want to live in filth that's your business. I guess it makes sense the same type of person wouldn't mind grody old eggshells next to all their food.

  2. Pretentious ass lol, taking the garabeg out every 2 days is still regular and still enough time for the egg shell to smell

  3. Being as tall as lebron might not be totally advantageous for a keeper. You have to get down quickly to save low shots as well

  4. Being just that tall yeah, but guys like LeBron James and Calvin Johnson are freakishly athletic and nimble for their size.

  5. This games going to be awesome! At least i hope it is 🤔

  6. I feel writing and themeing are for sure going to be good to great at worst. It's really just a question if the game will be fun to play.

  7. I think FS/SS is right now but will climb this year and in the future. Lots of players filling hybrid roles to combat new offensive schemes means the guys that can cover and also tackle in space are more valuable to defenses.

  8. Safety was for sure the answer until Minkah signed his deal. They're so valuable to your secondary succeeding.

  9. My wife threw a party without me knowing. All of a sudden I get home from church and people start coming over. Someone asks where the food is, and all. Eyes. Fall. On. Me... Apparently I became a grill master that day because one of the people my wife invited brought a turkey steak. A MARINATED FUCKING TURKEY STEAK! and expected me to grill it.

  10. Because if every single person (not counting people with multiple accounts) in this sub didn’t buy the game, it’d be like 0.01% or even less of their total sales. They wouldn’t even notice. as long as EA has the sole license for the NFL, they’re gonna sell well no matter what they do

  11. You had me curious so I did some math. I rounded up to 166,000 users for this sub. If every single one of us buy Madden day 1 for only $60, it's not even $10 mil in sales.

  12. Its still a better Idea then supporting those a-holes. It sucks not having a new NFL game that is worth playing franchise but there are plenty of other games I would rather support with my time and money.

  13. As far as modern console games go, Madden is by far the best we've got. It sucks in the grand scheme but so does depriving myself of one of my favorite games to make an ineffective protest.

  14. 32 man leagues that are simulation style are great and helped me get back into Madden. I can recommend a good one if you're in Xbox Series consoles.

  15. Say what you will about the Disney era, but a very consistent thread they’ve had is making Vader the scariest, meanest dude in the room that no one (save Obi-Wan or Ahsoka) can beat. Rogue One is case in point.

  16. Ahsoka didn't even beat him, she got ex machina saved by Ezra just to not die.

  17. Planets are free real estate for modders. As long as there's 10-20 Bethesda populated planets I'd be happy with that.

  18. Was it that bad? I never finished it but it seemed enjoyable

  19. Had some cliche moments and bs plot twists, but overall if you're into visual novels they aren't bad.

  20. Shit, didn’t it take till like the NFC/AFC championship games for Madden 22 to come to gamepass?

  21. I fucking love how everyone is so certain how this character is with over an hour of the show left where she will likely die since we know Kenobi gets away and we know what Vader does to failures.

  22. Rule of thumb for stuff like this, for every person on the internet angry about it, there's like 2-5 people irl quietly enjoying it.

  23. It's always been broken on Xbox lol but it did make it worse I have found that I experience much less issues now that I have a series x

  24. I'm also playing on Series X and the thing is I never had it be this frequent until using the Frontier pass content

  25. Must be mainly signing him as a punt returner and maybeeee WR4. I like it as a Vikes fan. Didn't really have any else to compete for punt returns

  26. Wilson is quality depth and has WR2-3 potential when healthy, which is rarely.

  27. Aren’t they locking Xbox out? I thought it was ps5 console exclusive?

  28. Big gulps, huh, alright. Well, see ya later.

  29. He could easily be paying people to run his social media. Even if he isn't it would take home like 10 mins tops to post to Twitter some clips that were filmed earlier that day.

  30. Tua is not running his trainers social media lol how fucking dense are you

  31. I mean of you haven't already watched it American Dad is made by the same people and is a little bit better with all that stuff. The episode where Steve questions whether if he is a Trans Woman or not (he comes to the conclusion that he is not) is far better made and is much more respectful than Quagmires mothers episode. It is by no means perfect but it is better than Family Guy.

  32. Is it same writing staff or is it just that Seth McFarlane is the lead in both shows?

  33. I like our throwbacks a lot and wish they'd be the full time uniforms, but the new Fins logo and unis look great

  34. Someone asked for a gif of Tua saying trash for next season

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