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  1. Everything I enjoyed was stupid and a waste of time to them. I kick myself for the hobbies I loved but gave up because of them

  2. A lot of the points you made about English exist in other languages. There will be sounds that don't exist in every language, making mastering that sound difficult. Word order also varies. English is far from being the strictest in this way, and I wouldn't consider it very limiting.

  3. Im sorry, it's all my fault, i keep buying all the B/B ones.

  4. The Build/Buy kits are not bad. The fashion ones though...

  5. What programmes did you do? And what would you recommend to a beginner?

  6. Fit & Strong at home is also a good one. It focuses on the basics which would be beneficial for beginners.

  7. Seriously. I got my period young too when I was in 5th grade. I had a man as a teacher but he was the sweetest teacher and very discreet and understanding.

  8. My fifth grade teacher hated me. I was in a group of like 3 students she didn't like. And it was a clear contrast in how she treated us and the students that she liked. Up until that point, I loved school because I was good at it and it was an escape from a shitty home life. She ruined that. I would be blamed for things I didn't do, got unjust points off assignments, she would tell my parents flat out lies knowing full well that my parents were abusive and I would be beat for misbehaving in school. When I got good grades on the yearly standardized tests she said that I cheated and should be investigated. She only stopped because she "accidentally" threw out this other kid she didn't like's project, causing a meltdown, and the kid's mom to ruffle enough feathers. Still, damage was done and around that time is when I started struggling with my mental health. I 100% blame my parents and her. I'm a teacher know and I do my best to never be anything like that horrible woman.

  9. Spanish. Just found out I'll be moving to South America for work so I'm like 3 days in, lol. It's the focus right now and the others (French, Arabic, Korean) get put on pause/review mode for the next few months.

  10. Dreams for sure. My NMom had dreamed that two of her brothers would pass just before they did (which is sad because they died young). She uses this to state that she then has the power to detect lies. Basically, I got in trouble a lot for things I didn't do, including things done in dream and stuff I'm pretty sure never even happened in this reality or her dreams and was just her making things up.

  11. My parents. They are native Arabic speakers. They would complain about my siblings and I not speaking Arabic and then made fun of us for mistakes or pronouncing things with an American accent, even though all their kids were born in the U.S.A. And they wonder why we wound up only responding to them speaking Arabic in English.

  12. If working out after eating doesn't make you nauseous or uncomfortable like me, I would say you can try working out just after suhoor. Though, early morning exercise is not everyone's jam.

  13. Same. I tried this once and gave up 20 minutes in because I barely got 1/4 of my head done. I use the Denman and get at least as good results with the least amount of effort lol. I can’t imagine trying to do this again!

  14. I don't do this but I did used to finger coil. My hair looked great and the definition stayed for nearly a week. But, it took forever and I just hated spending so long on my hair. Hair is a lot longer now so I can't even imagine doing it other than the odd chance here and there. Denman brush (Or Tangle Teezer and similar) to the rescue. It doesn't look as good as when I finger coil but it still looks great and saves me so much time. Much respect to those who are willing to do this but it's a bit too much for me.

  15. My co-teacher, a reading specialist, and I all went in on a heavy duty printer so we could ignore the office copier as much as possible. It's going well so far but it's not cheap. Luckily the reading specialists volunteers to pay more cause she prints the most.

  16. Just wanna add the worst thing to hear is 'ew' (never had it happen to me) but I'd probably just give up for a week if I heard that personally lmao

  17. A man once told me "ew" and I never forget it. It's been like 10 years and it still hurts.

  18. I work in an industry with hundreds, if not thousands of guys and know their real ages and umm...No. I seen plenty of guys that look so much older than their women coworkers at the exact same age. Plus I've never got that argument about kids..Unless he plans on a Duggar sized family age really would not matter till much later. It does not take decades to have 2-3 kids. It's just an excuse to hit on young girls and women and make themselves look less creepy.

  19. This. I used to work in a male dominated industry and the men, on average, were not looking too great as they aged.

  20. I was always the ugly friend but I don't really go out anymore so it bothers me less

  21. I get a lot of rude and violent DMs, too. I've had people create brand new accounts to harass me.

  22. Well said. I have never dated anyone but I get very angry responses from men when I say that, even when I am being empathetic to the dating struggle. I guess it's easier to believe that the other side has it easy than to realize how hard it can be regardless of gender.

  23. Oooo can I ask you a quick squid game related question since you’ve been watching? So only watched the first ep. I was nervous about the gore. It wasn’t that bad really. As The episodes progress, does it get worse? I mean, nothing is as gorey as The Boys and I do have to cover my eyes all the time with that show. I just hope I don’t have to do that with Squid Game if it’s gonna get real gross with the blood and guts. Yuck

  24. I mean, I hate gore and I was able to bear it with Squid Game. Definitely looked away at parts but nothing too awful.

  25. Replace the bird with cats and this is me on wash day vs. every day until my next wash.

  26. So I get told that I'm not Egyptian because I am brown. There is a belief in America that everyone of MENA descent is either quite fair-skinned or has just a hint of a tan. I also have quite curly hair (3b/3c) so that's apparently another mark against me. It's only recently that people are starting to say, 'well then you must be one of the REAL Egyptians.' But then they get confused because my parents and many relatives and ancestors are lighter than me.

  27. Once had a customer order a doppio espresso macchiato with foam to the top. Rang it up like that but made a face cause that's just a dry cappuccino. I didn't say a damn word about it but he sure felt the need to yell at me over it before paying. And then again when the new hire on bar commented on the drink.

  28. I ugly cry at the ending of Train to Busan.

  29. What that one Missingo cheat from Gen 1 where you can get x129 of whatever item is in the sixth spot in your inventory? I did that with Master Ball and went off catching everything, from Pidgey to Ghastly, and hoping it wouldn't mess my game up.

  30. Yep! I'm a vegetarian and when we have work pizza parties everyone wants meatlovers/anchovies/etc but when the pizza comes the one cheese pizza is the first one gone. I don't get it.

  31. I always try to get people to order more plain than the other toppings for this reason. Plus, you can't go wrong with plain. Other toppings will divide people but plain is a happy compromise.

  32. I worked at a huge call center for a while(300+ employees) and when we would get company paid lunches they started having to have a supervisor with a list of names sitting with the food and making sure people only took an appropriate amount of food. The people with early lunches would come in and pile up plates of sandwiches or pizza or whatever to take home and by the time the late lunches rolled around there would be no food left. This lady one time took I think like 10 sandwiches because she saw a free dinner for her family.

  33. I used to work a job where I was the person everyone called for everything. I also have a tendency to let everyone eat before me. I've had plenty of times where I'm covering for someone so they can go eat or I'm running around trying to fix stuff and appease those in charge, and then, when it's my time to go eat, there's no food.

  34. I think the whole "from birth" aspect is a figure of speech. And I don't see much wrong with this one. This will ring true for many people regardless of size. I was never fat and yet I had a parent who very much was making comments on my body my whole life, quite possibly "from birth." I saw it with my younger siblings, too, who as toddlers were bullied about their body by said parent. And now as an Elementary teacher, I see some of my students skipping lunch because they've been told that they were too fat. Of course that's going to take years to recover from.

  35. Valencia orange refresher forever and always.

  36. When I was a partner I drank these near daily from the time they were debuted to their final days. And then I moved on to Cool Lime and felt the pangs of betrayal yet again.

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