1. How to open superstar league on superstar YG. I played Sm first but i cant how to open it in YG. Anyone know? Tks

  2. Is it an APK issue? Been seeing this issue for months and most conclude it’s an Android 13 issue that the developers have to fix. It’s been so long with no resolution though they’re probably more busy planning out the 500 LE themes we’re getting this year.

  3. You need 20 for 1. It’s explained a bit clearer in the second screenshot.

  4. Removed due to partially misleading title and short wait time between posts.

  5. The ones from monthly are artist voucher tickets

  6. There is no reliable source. They may come from event prizes or package purchases with real money but are rather rare.

  7. I had commented this elsewhere before and it was answering a question about monthly diamond income:

  8. Probably all of them except the monthly challenge which may be a little out of reach depending on your cards.

  9. A lot of you assume people have been playing as long as you and as often as you and have completed theme decks and can score and earn crazy amounts of Rp and diamonds.

  10. The typical power up chance (usually abbreviated PUC) event is cost reduction only. It halves the cost when you feed material cards to your cards. They usually show up during major holidays in the year and you'll know if there is an event for it if you see it the event banner screen:

  11. i did use apple pay but that was the only thing i bought 😭

  12. Check your transaction history. Apple Pay groups all your purchases made within a certain timeframe regardless of where you made the purchase. It may have been the only thing you bought on SSM but you most likely purchased something else on a different app. Example:

  13. i havent bought anything other than that that i remember.. ig ill just wait till i get the reciept back from apple 😮‍💨

  14. That's fine if you want to wait but I'm not sure why?

  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/SuperstarJYPNation/comments/10inn98/normalhard_songs_for_beginners/

  16. That is not dalcom’s choice to make. They update what is provided to them. The reason may be as you have stated where SME is waiting to officially brand them.

  17. Does this mean not many people have reached Gold II? Then I don’t have to grind higher scores on songs and just do enough not to get kicked out of the league?

  18. Those are just placeholders until people login and get placed to a league. In the case where your league does not become full even as the weekly reset happens, the placeholders would have constantly adjusted their scores based on the lowest score of an actual player whose score is not 0.

  19. There is no such public resource to my knowledge. I think you are better off asking for specific ones.

  20. The reward is only x1 le card and even if you get all black rabbits the max you can get is x2 le. The x5 means how many of the rabbit cards you need to pull for the reward.

  21. Wannabe and Ting ting ting aren’t easy ITZY songs on normal or hard mode. The easiest ITZY songs in those modes are Be In Love, then Nobody Like You. Followed Surf.

  22. ITZY is a bit tricky because majority of their songs are medium-high difficulty. I would argue that ting ting ting and potentially wannabe is easier than Nobody Like You. I feel that's the case because Nobody Like You has a high beat per second map where there are a handful of quick quadruple taps and even a tricky sequence/slider in the chorus. We can agree to disagree on it since it's up to the player to decide for themselves after they try it since difficulty is subjective anyways. Agree with Be In Love and Surf though, I had forgotten about those songs.

  23. The rewards from black rabbit don't stack so you'll still get x2 even if you have x5 black rabbits.

  24. I just encountered this error and found this solution. sadly i deleted everything that has to do with lucky patcher, and error still there any suggestions to fix this nightmare?

  25. This is more common now in android devices running OS 13 if that is relevant to you. If so there hasn't been a reliable solution and it seems like something the developer needs to resolve.

  26. You'll probably want them all in the same theme if you want to increase your score significantly. Grats though, first steps!

  27. Ik! I've been working on collecting the in my dreams cards and 4th anniversary cards! I have every 4th anniversary card except for yeri's, and I have Wendy, joy, and yeri's in my dreams cards! The game absolutely HATES giving me irene and Wendy cards though 😭

  28. If it helps you can skip the randomness by buying card selectors from the shop under special tab. It requires another currency called Dalcom Coins (DCC) that can be obtained from playing Superstar League (SSL). You can earn up to 30 DCC per play and a total of 90 DCC per day for "free." C selector costs 200 DCC so you can get one in about 3 days. You can get a minimum of 100 DCC during weekly reset as well.

  29. Upgrading requires cards of the same group so you have to wait if an le belongs to an (EVENT) group that is separate from the main group. It no longer becomes an (EVENT) group after the respective event ends.

  30. So for current event (White Love) I have to wait for it to ends and then I can use SJ (The road) to upgrade the LE card right?

  31. If you left the rewards to claim after drawing 5 rabbit cards cos the rewards is not that you intended & plan to change better rewards with favourable rabbit cards but run out of carrot coins, the reward (that haven't claimed) disappeared & reset in the next day or not?

  32. It should stay the same even on the next daily reset.

  33. I got 2 sleeping and 2 money rabbit, plus a black rabbit. The rewards should be 30%, 2x10% but I only got 1 30% and 4 10% (this is doubled), the 30% wasn't doubled. I don't understand 😵‍💫😵‍💫

  34. Black rabbit has to be the same kind in the reward line that you are claiming. That’s why you got x1 of sleeping and x2 of money.

  35. It seems to be SJYP exclusive reward. I browsed a couple of the hall of fame videos on youtube and didn't see it mentioned unlike SJYP here:

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