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  1. Old post but I have Fibromyalgia, EM and EDS as well as I’m Autistic and ADHD. Methylphenidate relieved my pain so much and I’m more relaxed and with a little more energy. It was incredible to find out that works so well for my pain. Doctors told me that I need to stop it though. It is because of my varicose veined because EDS and I don’t know what to do

  2. I have LTP allergy and fructose/sorbitol intolerance, eliminating all of them I ok (of course I also have MCAS) and my entire life before I knew what happened to me (about LTP and fructose/sorbitol) I thought the same as you, why healthy foods make me this amount of damage and ultra processed foods don’t. I also had an advice of trining low histamine diet and FODMAP. But then I only can eat air

  3. I was sedentary on the couch for the first 1.5 yrs from the fatigue/PEM. Couldn't even walk 10 min without needing to rest for days after. I was barely pacing my way through the day for basic things. I feared I had ME/CFS. My body was just stuck, like it dysfunctioned whenever I'd do anything. Had a test showed excessively high sCD40L. Got on low dose aspirin + statin, I started being able to spend more time on my feet. Worked up to being able to do a 1 hr walk. That was huge for me! I got even more progress after a few months on maraviroc. I'm so much more functional now, it's hard to think back to the days where I couldn't even stand to brush my teeth. My energy levels are continuing to improve and I'm not crashing after. I'm just taking it all very slow and avoid anything with exertion still out of caution. This approach might not work for everyone. But I hope it shows that as more gets figured out about what is going on with us that there might be more treatment options.

  4. this study has the same results about long covid!

  5. I had a pillow fight with my wife this morning after she started blowing raspberries on me and I kept bopping her because every time I did she started laughing and it made me happy. We're ending the morning on pizza leftovers and cuddles :3

  6. And finding a remote job that has the morning in your bf night time?

  7. Did you both get the worst side effects from it?

  8. It was the first time that I need to take another med (akineton) for the side effects of the main med. and the first time I have to quit a medication for not overcome the side effects

  9. I thought the same until my psychiatrist ask me to try vortioxetine (I tried duloxetine, fluoxetine, venlaflaxine, sertraline in the past (on the antidepressant side) and worked like a charm, I need to go with the minimum dose (5) but it works for me, everybody is different thou

  10. I do and my kidneys just failed from long COVID, too. So, my diet is super restrictive. I’m on medicine for MCAS and can’t eat anything out of a box, at this point. My diet is so limited. But, only a month ago, I could barely walk and was in the hospital, so my stakes are high. I don’t know if you need to hear this from someone who’s been plant-based for 20 years and vegan for 10+ but - you’re an animal, too - and killing yourself isn’t “vegan” in my eyes. My case is absurd and no one should eat this way unless they were born with issues and have been making diet changes that work for decades. It’s my choice for my beliefs but also, I won’t be on pain meds anymore and my body is just angry after everything thats happened since day one. (I was given too many steroids from birth for one thing) Anyway - it’s probably presumptuous to even say this, but if I thought I’d write it if feeling guilty for saving yourself is holding you back. Or you can tell me “I don’t need your approval” 😂

  11. Thank you for sharing 🥺 I didn’t look it in that way

  12. Heart issue, do you have POTS/dysautonomia? There is a high correlation between dysautonomia and neurodivergent diagnoses. If untreated it causes heart issues, horrendous fatigue, brain fog, and a whole host of other problems.

  13. YTA. it sounds to me as the “survivor bias” mindset

  14. Welcome 🥰 we have a warm community here! Also I don’t know if the term is multiple neurodivergent instead of neurodiverse

  15. Neurodiverse is talking about a group of people from different neurotypes and this can include neurotypicals as well. The OP is neurodivergent, but multiple neurodivergent would be fine as well

  16. Yes, I only wanted to point out that neurodiverse is a reference for a group

  17. What are the benefits and wages? Or where can I go to read this info?

  18. It depends a lot on the country you’re applying. I have medical insurance, 200€ monthly for eating out/transportation/kindergarten , 1000€/year to spend on education/conferences (relative to your job), 50€/month for Internet and light, full remote, 30 days/year to work on any country that you have the work permission I don’t remember anything more. About the salary I were in another IT consultant company and the difference was 16k. And they have the part time contract. I work from 8-3 so I have energy and time for my special interests 🥰

  19. Wow that sounds quite accommodating! At this point in my life, I'm living in the US, I have a wife and 2 kids, I probably need a minimum 6 figure salary to thrive in our crumbling economy.

  20. My company has the head quarters in US, I think the salary there is a lot higher than on Spain, maybe you can give it a try

  21. Elsa from Frozen, Hercule Poirot (Movies and Books), Chidi, Tahani from The good place

  22. I started dating a guy 3 months ago and in the beginning was nervous about telling him. On date 5 I think we went to a cafe in the morning after me spending a night with him and started talking. Then he told me he was autistic! I was like: can I tell you something? Me too! Lol, so that was cool. I think the right person won’t mind.

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