1. She was literally just sitting on the floor next to my leg. The dog came up and started biting her head. Luckily, my boyfriend was able to pull her right off. They still have another pit bull and think the dog bit her because she had been limping for a few days. Which I know is bullshit.

  2. Goes without saying but don't go back to that house! How dare they!? Guess you know your real friends now

  3. That makes no sense, its a name, you cant change a name based on language

  4. In German Germany is deautshland (I know that's spelt wrong sorry germans) so obviously a name can be different on different languages.

  5. Sometimes when dealing with a fantasy setting, the magic is more magical when it isn't explained. This is why a lot of Star Wars fans hated the introduction of the midichlorians explaining how Jedi can use the Force.

  6. Always liked the theory that midichlorians were just attracted to force users and the actual force is still unexplained

  7. I live in the town this is set. I remember as a kid people going nuts for this hook cos of that!

  8. YTA Sounds like you might need some therapy cos you might have some issues around your dad.

  9. I forgot Professor Binns was in this game but who actually likes his History of Magic classes? His classes are a sleep period.

  10. Man I loved history at school. If I got to be a magic dude and go to magic school and learn about magic history I wouldn't ever sleep through it!

  11. Xbox has more raw power, and it’s future proof. It also has the better controller, user interface, and online features.

  12. We can’t be Muggleborn. If we were, we would never have the choice to choose Slytherin house

  13. If it doesn’t involve goblins I don’t think he wants any part of it. So in order for him to play the game, goblins must be involved’s weird but that’s why I asked about the goblins being in the game

  14. (UK) What's Washington most remembered for/what was his main thing? I feel like it was something slavery based.. Abolition of slavery?

  15. Yeah I mean have you ever seen a horse? They have serial killer eyes. Horses are the only land animal I am scared of.

  16. All the bad stuff happening in our country is our own fault. Furthermore, we actually like it a little, or more specifically we love to moan about it and do nothing to fix it.

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