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  1. So you’re saying a rare server issue is enough to upset someone to the point of cancelling a pre order?

  2. Chelsea gets a rebuild every season and acts like their club is in complete meltdown. They’ve signed Kouli, Raheem, Cucu and are still linked with Fofana. Will Tuchel have expectations to win prem or is he being forgiven another year because of a “poor team”

  3. It’s not necessary to shorten the name of every single player.

  4. I thought this would be enough to make him stay at Dortmund.

  5. Whenever a pea gets on the table, goes in the gravy when using the pea water, or even if someone says something about peas on their plate he always goes “Oh no someone pead in the gravy!” or “nothing worse than pea on the table” And it always somehow makes him laugh.

  6. Speed cola is not close to essential. Just because it’s original perk doesn’t mean it’s essential. Staminup is way better 99% of the time and quick revive too.

  7. Ffs was it really hurting anyone? I swear some decisions in radio programming is simply changes for change sake, and not actually informed at all by the listenership it's meant to be in service to.

  8. At least Robbie Savage’s angry show is still there. Savage isn’t the best host ever but the angry callers are superb

  9. My Xbox one has an issue. It won’t power on even though the power brick has an orange light and the Xbox makes the noises when I press either the Xbox button or the eject button. I’ve tried all sorts of things but I can’t get it to turn on. Any advise? Thanks.

  10. This is identical to many 80s schools and all 2000s schools. This whole 90s was the best everyone else sucks thing is really weird

  11. i like my women like a like my coffee. Without a penis attached.

  12. Imagine being downvoted for saying a woman without a penis is a woman.

  13. He has an 88 rated card what are you on about

  14. have you tried using his gold card at a high level?

  15. That’s not even close to the point. It’s what players are overrated. Like who deserves higher or lower ratings.

  16. I have the card and it is really fucking good. And the cool factor makes a big difference too. If you care about fun and you can afford it, do this card.

  17. A hard reboot for the zombies storyline that sees a group of elite CIA operatives trying to intercept the shadowy “Omega Group” in their attempts to amass an army of the living dead from beyond this world?

  18. Those are terrible ideas. The new story is rubbish. It’s not interesting, doesn’t make sense, and the characters are dull. The loadouts ruined any kind of early game progression. Removal of the perk limit is brainless and takes away a lot of difficulty and choice. Makes the game way more boring. Any kind of cinematic universe is shit and we all know that at this point. It’s lazy. The scientist characters are all just exposition dumps. They aren’t even really characters. There’s nothing to them. Outbreak is shit. Just reused multiplayer maps with tacked on objectives and some zombies dotted around. It’s awful.

  19. What choice was there with a perk limit people would always go for hug speed cola quick revive and double tap 99.9% of the time

  20. Except that’s not remotely true. A lot of people used staminup for instance. IW’s 5 limit is better than the 4. And if you don’t have quick revive it leaves more options open. If you get an explosive weapon you can get rid of a perk and get bombstoppers. Or if you get a melee weapon, slappy taffy.

  21. Why in god’s holy trousers is this downvoted?

  22. Every gun in bo4 was in the box whether you owned them or not.

  23. This is an old comment I know, but Jesus Christ you can dislike the map but on an objective level, it is incredibly well-designed and the gauntlets ARE extremely well-balanced.

  24. Lol objectively well designed. 2 circles. That’s all it is. And in what way are the gauntlets well balanced? Explain your points.

  25. When did Gary Lineker join Liverpool?? Massive signing.

  26. Bigger doesn’t equal better. It’s the trap treyarch fell into with outbreak. Cold War in general actually, everything is massive and wide open. Not good. Zombies is a close quarters fast paced survival game with 24 zombies. That’s the point.

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