1. Something I never see anyone mention is buying a guild bank. I bought a ~300 slot guild bank for like 500g years ago and its been great for dumping stacks of tradeable stuff into

  2. Is that even possible anymore without claiming a guild hall though?

  3. You could hatch chicks, raise them to adulthood, and turn them into boneless wings faster than you'll get the boneless wings you ordered from B-Dubs.

  4. Neurodivergent. It’s used to describe things like Autism and ADHD that differ from typical brain patterns.

  5. I watch it every year without fail. Halloweentown is the cozy place I was meant to be.

  6. So actually no! Miss Price in Bedknobs n Broomsticks is played by Angela Lansbury, also Mrs.Potts in Beauty and the Beasty.

  7. Her daughter was also in Scream Queens and wore earmuffs the whole time as a nod to her mom. If you enjoy comedy horror, it’s definitely worth watching the first season.

  8. None of the trans women I know are big, loud, or aggressive.

  9. Yeah that’s honestly the opposite of how I would describe the trans woman I know

  10. I agree, which is why I don't have it sorted like that. But then I see pretty pictures on pinterest and for a second I want to reorder the whole thing 😅 But I'm sure if I had it ordered by color, I would look at it and be frustrated by how illogical it is.

  11. That’s how I am. Pretty colors are so tempting but I know I’d regret it.

  12. I usually ask what their name is, then follow up with telling them I will 100% forget it. That sets the bar low and then they don’t feel pressured to remember mine either. I’ve had a lot of people say that appreciate that. And on the off chance I remember their name, they are impressed. Win, win. I no longer get anxious about it.

  13. Definitely. A friend of mine used it all throughout college.

  14. I've actually got exactly the same tendency, and I've had the same frustrations you describe here. Everyone's different, of course, but I do have one strategy that seems to work for me.

  15. That is exactly the advice I needed. Thanks for explaining so well.

  16. The key word is enjoyed. You liked these things in the past but you may not be interested in them anymore. Without this inner motivation you might find it easier to quit when meeting resistance.

  17. That is a fair point about things being past enjoyment and maybe not present. For a lot of my previous hobbies, that holds entirely true. The examples I chose are definitely things I can enjoy now. I just don't know how to tackle the learning curve.

  18. The fact they don’t know this makes me think they’re a freshman and their “paper ID” is a fake

  19. Could be someone that did the first two years at community college. But I agree it's definitely someone new to Athens

  20. Changing a word because it is stigmatized will only get the new word stigmatized. The stigma isn't the name, it's the disorder. And since Adhd stands for attention deficit (which is what the comic is about) hyperactivity (which we can have both physically and mentally) disorder (which it is). I would say the word is perfect

  21. It doesn't fit perfectly though. We all know well that we don't always have attention deficit. We often focus too much on the wrong things. So then the name ADHD is misleading to the general public that sees someone focus intently on say a video game, but can't see the hyper mind. And it continues to get overlooked bc of that.

  22. But not being able to direct our focus where we want it IS attention deficit. I agree that people have misunderstood the term a bit and think we can't focus on anything, while the problem is more that we can't choose what we focus on.

  23. I absolutely get that. The hard part is other people getting it, which is why I think the name could be better.

  24. Can we get funding for reliable medicinal contraception for men? Or the ability to get a vasectomy without a kid in most states? If women have rights over their bodies men should too.

  25. You’ll find that most feminists support exactly what you’re suggesting, myself included. My husband had no issue getting a vasectomy at 30, without kids, here in Ohio. I’m sure some doctors would still say no, but if you’re seeking one, there’s a list on the

  26. Like the 10 year old rape victim here in Ohio that needed an abortion, for example. She should have been able to get that here, instead of needing to go out of state. When you say you care about children too, I assume that’s what you’re speaking to.

  27. I’ve seen people on this sub saying the math in dnd is too hard and that they struggle with it and wish it would be changed like

  28. Mental arithmetic is hard for me, but actual mathematics comes quite naturally.

  29. I can’t get behind the all men thing, even after being raped by one. It just feels far too narrow minded, it’s the same as “all women or all black people or all anything really”. It’s an active discouragement to the men that are actively doing something

  30. Agreed. In therapy, I was taught not to generalize, and it’s hard to see people talking about all men without considering it to be harmful generalization. I’m a woman, so I know how much fear and harm we go through, but I have too much empathy for my own good. I have to stop myself from constantly thinking, “but my husband is one of the good ones. See they aren’t all bad?”

  31. I appreciate you putting my thoughts into better words

  32. You’re welcome! It was refreshing to see someone that shares a similar opinion. I often feel alone in it.

  33. Do you think fly lady is more accessible, or unfuck your habitat?

  34. Fly Lady was NOT accessible to me. I have ADHD (and probably Autism), and it was so overwhelming to me. It was information overload and didn’t feel flexible in the ways that work for me. I struggled with Marie Kondo’s book for similar reasons.

  35. 💜💜 As a kid, I totally felt like Amelia Bedelia and I just “got” each other.

  36. Me too! I collect kids’ books and I still feel like I relate to Amelia Bedelia. I read them for comfort.

  37. I’m in a similar boat and am 31. I was literally on this sub yesterday wondering the same question. Lucky for us, everyone is very accepting.

  38. Schools should not be hiding kids attempting to transition from their parents. That should be pretty simple.

  39. Going by a different name is not the same as a full transition and in no way needs to be outed to their parents. Kids need to feel safe at school.

  40. I wouldn’t describe castration of the mentally ill as safe.

  41. Then it’s a good thing that isn’t happening.

  42. The ideology you support leads to kids’ deaths.

  43. what is the game you spent 2k hours on? (2k as an hyperbole)

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