I… escaped my parents

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  1. I'm so jealous that's great!! Enjoy your freedom and please work hard! 🙏🏻

  2. Yes 100%. Even if the student loans were astronomical. I work retail full time and college full time. get me the heck out of here. 😭

  3. I agree 100% wirh the first three sentences in your reply and then it justs becomes rhetorically abstract.

  4. I know this is going to sound calloused and I'm going to get downvoted into oblivion. I've seen so many instances, in real life, local, online where people give away a horse that served them well for years, decades even, but for whatever reason they "can't" retire the horse on their own dime so they send it somewhere else and this happens. When are people going to learn? People who want to retire out the horse you used up all the good years on out of the kindness of their own heart, and actually take care of them, and actually know and understand the complexities of caring for senior equines, and can afford to right by them, this animal who came to them at the end of their "usefulness to humans", and will actually part with their money to do so, are as rare as a sane, sound, dead broke bombproof registered 5 year old with flashy gaits and only costs $300.

  5. Actually ya, that is weird for me. It's not like I'm going to be retiring my cat when he's old. He's a beloved pet.

  6. Because having to work a horrible job for minimum wage and barely making it isn't my idea of a good life. I'd like to manifest out of it lol. Also most people try to manifest an SP to my knowledge.

  7. Do you really need to let go once you feel happy about it? The reason I ask is because my life is at a very bad place right now financially, physically and emotionally. I'd rather meditate everyday on my desires and feel good about them rather than have to let them go.

  8. The chance remains the same lol. It doesn't increase or decrease the more you press it.

  9. So the previous poster basically covered it but I saw several success stories that talked about the theta state. Neville Goddard, a famous loa author, spoke if this state without knowing what it was. Today I decided to start meditating to manifestca better life because of the success stories and because I felt so miserable.

  10. That's actually extremely sweet of the previous owner for recognizing that their cage is too small, so they want someone to give him the love and care he deserves. 🥺

  11. Why? Her smile is clearly crooked and she is crossing her arms. She is definitely not having fun in this picture. Which is completely in character considering she hates Stolas (and imps, who seem to be the usual visitors of LooLoo Land) and doesn't give a shit about Octavia.

  12. That's crazy!!! I tend to hyperfocus on bad stuff like mindless scrolling or binge watching clips of my favorite shows. I'm jealous lol. I can find subjects I like but it's not as stimulating still.

  13. had a family banging on the door while i was doing closing tasks and they were yelling that they needed a lizard. when i kept shaking my head at them one of the adults yelled “bro you look like a fucking cartoon character” and they all left.

  14. Yes. You do need a degree to get a good job. Not English majors. Not mass communications. But engineering, nursing, computer science. But you have to actually be a studious student. Do not work at fast food. Or go to trade school. You haven’t really given us much context.

  15. Seriously, he gets almost $100 a week already. I had to work at his age but he isn't mentioning having to pay rent or anything so he should just focus in school. But that said, working full time in retail is definitely a huge motivation for me to do well in school lmao. To heck with doing any kind of customer service job for the rest of my life! So maybe working a crappy job will help him in the long run lol.

  16. As a pet store employee, these are the bane of my existence and I cannot wait to leave this job. 🙃

  17. Wow I didn’t realize this was such a common thing. I figured most goldfish would go to carnivals or something

  18. I just had to say no to a lady with a 1 gallon aquarium lol. It probably wasn't even an actual tank. She said her daughter got it as a party favor. 🥲 I have an interview for a full time position at lowes in a couple days, wish me luck! 😅

  19. I used mods so I could watch my dinos live in the wild lmao. I wish a wildlife Sim like that existed! Just watching them do their thing.

  20. Sounds right. I had to stay in a hospital for two days. During the daytime I had these nurses that were very rude and made me feel guilty for requiring them.

  21. This is why I'm desperately looking for a new full time job in my area lol. Literally anything. Especially because if my store lead catches me denying a sale, he'll 100% throw me under the bus to sell an animal to a terrible person. I saw him sell a poor Syrian hamster with one of those tiny green cage things recently - broke my heart!! The wheel isn't even big enough for it to fit in and he'll barely even be able to move in it. It probably went insane in there. :/ They need like a 40g breeder tank or a 20g long at the absolute minimum to make a sale, but a 20g is honestly too small. Not like my coworkers care ofc.

  22. It should entail more responsibilities, more work,!and more money. Why would someone receive more money for less work?

  23. I mean once I get my bachelor's in CS, I'm basically expecting the first cs job to be tough. But after some experience, I'll shop around for better. That's how a lot of successful people do it, job hopping. There's nothing wrong with wanting to work less and get paid more lol. It's just being smart. I work retail too and I'm jealous of my managers chilling. But I get it.

  24. You are describing inequality under the guise of a meritocracy, and, in my opinion, it’s unethical.

  25. Or just use an only college like SNHU (you can use Sophia and study.com for a good chunk of credits first to save money) and get a better career. Or get a certificate or something. My friend got a certificate for vet tech and just got a $20 per hour job as a vet assistant. Heck you can get a decent entry level office job if you apply enough and ask on different subreddits for advice. Like I learned computers can't read two column resumes.

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