‘I should have gotten the damn vaccine’: Father of 5 dies of COVID at age 39

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Children and young adults are being taught that policing everyone else’s lives is not only an acceptable pastime, but an encouraged one.

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  1. I agree with this synopsis.. If the law of one was intended by source.. then we wouldn't have to be persuaded by 6th dimensional consciousness to convert into it... I always ask in the law of one.. who is running the show?? Because there's definitely a consciousness controlling the collective.. not God source.. because if it was the God source.. then we would have been created as the law of one from the God source.. and wouldn't have to be persuaded by higher consciousness that are not God source into it

  2. How can you walk around with the burden of carrying so much bullshit

  3. If no one else is saying it.. than I need to do it three times as hard . Everyone should know this.. this effects everyone

  4. They create problems to give you the biggest problem which is the "solution".. Most every problem, issue, and crisis we have is manufactured to cause panic, fear, and hate.. which are not only to divide us.. but those are low frequency emotions used for programming... To steer the public in the direction they want you to go.. ONLY REAL PROBLEMS ARE THE PROBLEM MAKERS

  5. The diagrams are from the CDC WEBSITE.. but I encourage you to research the social credit system.. It's a real thing.. and they are trying to implement it fully in the usa

  6. The reason why they have it is the social credit system

  7. Well Mr. Nobs, you've had zero comments for 3 days. How do you feel?

  8. Fantastic.. thanks for asking.. I don't do this for comments.. I do this to plant seeds

  9. How is anything in this post LoO related? I honestly do not understand what part of this is even vaguely related to the Ra material or the important concepts therein. If you could help me understand, I would be appreciative.

  10. Well if we're all connected and this is something that divides us.. then division isn't one. But I believe in a world of many.. that creates one..

  11. That's the real conspiracy.. getting banned for having an opinion

  12. History has not been “rewritten” by Elites, but rather the victorious. The pen is mightier than the sword.

  13. History is history based on historical facts.. You can't rewrite our past to dictate the path of the future.. otherwise history is written by liars who make up stories to make you believe what they want you too.. that's actually not victory..

  14. No it’s not. History is based on whatever the writers want you to know. There are tons of things altered or that didn’t actually happen. This is happening in real time with the critical race theory now. There are multiple US States that are teaching slavery never happened. They are literally altering history. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

  15. I do know what I'm talking about.. that's not right.. that's not victorious.. that's a violation of the Earth plane existence by manipulation of Free Will

  16. This is a pretty roundabout way of just saying "history is written by the victors"

  17. I would have to say history is history.. written as history happens.. not as it was written for someone to believe.. You can't change historic facts of the past to dictate the path future..

  18. I am all for individual rights and personal choices but the powers that be clearly are trying so subvert that. How can we stop the control they are demanding?

  19. Well the vaccine has a surveillance and monitoring program in it.. that is on the CDC WEBSITE WITH OVER 10 PUBLIC AND PRIVATE AGENCIES WITH FULL ACCESS ALONG with THREAT PROTOCOLS.. I believe this is the true reason for the government pushing for everyone being vaccinated.. it's definitely not because they care about your health . especially since it doesn't protect you against the virus

  20. Lol how long do you think they'll keep that up for? My guess is with all the lost profits, not very long.

  21. I will not be taking the vaccine no matter what. That's my hard line in the sand.. my reasoning is simple.. there is a surveillance and monitoring program in the vaccine..and it's on the CDC WEBSITE.. it infects everyone that gets it.. the virus I may or may not catch and if I do catch it.. there's over a 99.8% I'll recover.. oh I almost forgot.. the vaccine doesn't protect you against the virus

  22. Why would you get the vaccine when it doesn't protect you against the virus.. sometimes no matter what precautions you take..when it's your time to go.. it's your time to go.. not trying to be mean.. just the truth.

  23. Yes the CDC are liars.. FAUCI is a liar.. The only thing that 5hsy have on their website that is real is the surveillance and monitoring program that is in the vaccine

  24. Wait, what? Could you please explain a little further?

  25. It's an entire Host of diagrams that I found on the CDC WEBSITE with over 10 different public and private agencies that have active surveillance and collect Data on every individual they gets the vaccine.. I found this diagram when I did a search to find out what requirements and guidelines does the vaccine have to have in it for the vaccine to be implemented.. that was the only requirement

  26. We are being programmed to eat and snitch on our family and friends.. if you have any questions about this..go to the world economic forum website and see the code of conduct.. specifically the conflict of interest page

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