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  1. I'm distinctly remembering voting on polls here to NOT do this particular ama, and the NO won. Why are we doing it anyway?

  2. Do you have a link to that poll?

  3. I’ve checked my comment history trying to find it and have not been able to, as another ape pointed out though it was for a different film / project

  4. Just adding a tidbit as everyone else has got the answer but this is also the attack where Alia is taken captive.

  5. I laugh and i keep telling my self "am alright am alright am not crazy" and i just smile and laugh with these idiots but when no one is there i just cry Idk it hurts me to see stupidity

  6. No worries, all those hard working over achieving CEO's will just knuckle down and get to work. Right? Isn't that what they're all about?

  7. *mumbles along to the tune* ...t h r e e

  8. Play dumb. "How will I get paid for it if I don't clock in?"

  9. This, explain how that's a bad look for the company that it doesn't keep accurate time for the employees work.

  10. Agreed, unfortunately that flair doesn't get used properly enough.

  11. I know your pain, I've tried to get almost everyone I know IRL to get into this, but they either will, or they won't. That's what I've learned so far.

  12. I mean...roads are not just going to up and disappear over night, so these jobs will still be needed for a while. Additionally, rail is only one part of mass transit, there are buses that would need a lot of roads as well. This feels like a position people in power resist because its lining their pocket book somewhere, and not because there is an ACTUAL issue to address.

  13. "Don't drink and drive, but we will make it as easy as possible to do so."

  14. What platform are they using? I saw AWS has some partnership with something called Constellation Dag.

  15. Can you remind me who straps him to the machine and what they are trying to accomplish?

  16. I don't recall who by name but they are the Honored Matres that are interrogating him, they want information about Duncan and the sisterhood.

  17. As for your cycling question - I think if there was a sudden massive shift to roads designed around bikes, there should be an increase of training with regards to rules of the road, and proper bike safety. As for registration of bikes, I'm not sure the purpose that would serve, other than maybe in case of theft as like a serial number you would have on other products.

  18. We're all a Roger persona gone rogue. Life is just his imagination.

  19. How to spot borderline sociopaths: they think like this when it comes to money.

  20. if you anchor the controller like a stick on your knee, then it feels pretty smooth and works well.

  21. IMO its the best VR game I've ever played. My only complaint is the flight system, there is no native joystick integration. You have to grab virtual controls in game which without the real world feedback and physically limitations of an actual joystick make combat flight VERY tough, but okay for just zooming around on a planet. Being able to wander my base in VR no joke brought a small tear to my eye.

  22. Dune universe runs the same way Medieval fiefdom did. King says "You're now the ruler of these lands", you move and rule those lands. You don't question it.

  23. Wutang was already confirmed to not be anything apart of this. Why do people keep associating?

  24. It would not surprise me at all if NOTHING happened. Given the last 2 years, that's the best bet.

  25. He has some questions about your freighters extended warranty.

  26. If you find yourself critiquing the appearance of another person and making a video about it, you might be a fucking total piece of shit.

  27. Goodness this is so out of date, the embarcadero runs along that path atm.

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