1. I just wanted to say thank you, just built a new PC (z690-i, 13700k with 3070ti) and custom loop and I've been battling this for 2 days.. this worked.

  2. your getting these errors but no crashes on your system correct? i did this as well and it will pop up once in a while, no issues with my comp tho. 0 crashes and 0 BSODS. its a windows bug lol, its related to my thunderbolt driver.

  3. Mine would actually crash my computer. So hard it wouldn't even blue screen. Manually set the PCIE to gen 3, literally zero issues since. Nothing even in the event viewer.

  4. Ah, okay yea must be a different issue then. im getting like 1 warning of this on my thunderbolt driver and no crashes, just happens on random boots on my pc. but only appears once. glad it worked out for you though!

  5. Interesting I researched this and some people have said that disabling the PCIE Native Power Management in bios has removed the errors.

  6. Im getting this too on my z790 asus hero, but its connected to my thunderbolt drivers lol, it seems like nothing, I have had 0 crashes and BSODS, just windows being buggy or something. glad to hear someone else has this issue though.

  7. But this last patch has 1 plus. Previously, I was told that the standard hardware security is not supported, this happened after I decided to reset Windows to factory settings. I now have standard hardware security again and can manage core isolation.

  8. Yea this can happen too, apparently it’s just a visual bug LSA is running in task manager

  9. Okay so purely for peace of mind, despite it saying unknown everywhere and saying things aren't available and whatnot my pc is still protected? This has been stressing me out now all day.

  10. Yeap, you can also close windows security and open it up again and it should fix. If not don’t worry. It’s just a Microsoft issue lol. You can also check that LSA is running in task manager as well

  11. On PC my game froze after a 3 hour session, (no crashes reported by windows) I had to alt tab and end it in task manager and open up the game to rejoin. Not sure what the issue is here. Game did not crash it just froze lol

  12. also to confirm LSA comes on by default right? so there is no harm of leaving it on?

  13. Yeap have this too, I enabled it and rebooted pc twice and it still tells me to restart, it also did not recognize my tpm until reboot

  14. I’m seeing this article and I’m a bit scared. I’m using the asus z790 hero motherboard and built it two weeks ago, I have no dropouts in connection at all. I am on driver version dated 3/5/22. Eee is not off and I’m using 1gig connection (max speed by my isp) should I just leave it be or do something? I do see the e2fexpress upon boot, but it never shows up over long sessions 12 or 10 hour sessions. No disconnects. I am using intel 1226-v

  15. Did you ever find a solution to this issue? I cant use the 2G port currently on my router due to a disconnect every 5 min or so for like 5 seconds. Plugging into 1G runs perfectly fine.

  16. Nah i swapped back to 1gig fiber with google wifi puck. Or if you can my area allows me to BYOR with a 2gig port

  17. ok so after few tests i find a solution to my problem. IT seems , in my case, o/c scanner (AB) corrupt my nvidia driver. Uninstallreinstall nvidia driver don't resolv my case. fan always at 30%.

  18. I have this issue too on driver 528. It starts off as idle, however when I exit games it will stay at 30% fan speed and 2610 clock. It will do this sometimes not all the time. I assume this is a driver thing. I am also using a 4090 strix

  19. Hey did you ever get this fixed? My 4090 strix fans do the exact same thing. It will start off at 0Db mode (fans not spinning) then when I exit a game the fans will stay at 30% speed even tho it’s on idle. Temps are not the issue. Lmk! Thanks!

  20. I have the opposite behavior on 4090 Gaming OC.

  21. I feel the same way, newly built pc, everything has been running fine but I see errors in event viewer or realibility report and I get scared. Not a single BSOD or crash so far however I am just super paranoid. I am rocking very good parts as well.

  22. Do you have GPU Tweak 3 installed and 0db Fan activated?

  23. No i do not, however 0db fan works right now (fans are not spinning on desktop). Are you talking about driver 531.18?

  24. Yes i do. And 0db fan wasnt a think for me before. i activated it via GPU Tweak and works fine for me.

  25. Just to clarify, 0db would not work before when you exited games? I see you have a 4090 strix white (nice) until you updated drivers to 531 and used gpu tweak 3?

  26. I am on driver 528.49 the hotfix is for driver 526, So it shouldn't be happening

  27. It is happening on the 4090 strix as well. Using driver version 528

  28. Okay, it's cool that your network can support it. But do you really need it.

  29. We have 5 people in this house gaming at the same time and 30 wireless devices. I assume its needed? I havent done much testing yet.

  30. Lol. No, not remotely. A 4k stream is about 40Mbps at most. Even if all of you were streaming at once, you wouldnt hit 200Mbps.

  31. Alright ill stay on the 1gig service and get a new router. any recommendations?

  32. Same issue here, have to quit using task manager.

  33. I am on version 14150.376.32, it was working fine yesterday and all of sudden this weird interaction happens, lets hope it does not happen again.

  34. Any known issues? Skeptical to install the update.

  35. None for me, should fix the BSOD issue in last update as well

  36. It's always the second Tuesday. I also believe there was no preview update due to the holidays.

  37. Ah, even during the holidays? I thought jan 10th is when they would release the preview so they could test it.

  38. Due to the holidays they skipped doing a preview update for late last month, and will just do a regular cumulative update next Tuesday.

  39. Again, if you're talking about older OLED tech then yes but it hasn't been a serious concern for large screen PC use for a while now.

  40. I am now interested, Burns ins are not an issue? that was my main concern on why i didnt buy an oled. keep in mind I keep my pc on for like 12-16 hours a day. I use wallpaper engine but im afraid it might burn in on my taskbar. Is it really not an issue?

  41. You say you want to work in tech….doing what exactly. A degree in business admin while versatile is also very general.

  42. Will do, Thank you. I do have skills in the tech industry, I mostly want to drift towards being a program manager or a project manager.

  43. OMG you could also do telling and move onto banking.

  44. Wow! mind shooting me a dm? Thank you for this information btw <3

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