1. If its in your dex or not doesnt matter. Tbh i dont remember it ever being 400 candies so i think they raised it but🤷‍♂️

  2. The 45 candy requiement was unintentional and has already been fixed.

  3. hg2c says:

    What I meant is I only have cosmoem and if I can still evolve it into lunala or solgaleo

  4. The evolution was never announced as time limited and is still available.

  5. Magikarp 's base stats are so low that even at level 15, such a small difference in IVs results in CP rounding to the same value.

  6. The only worry would be if for some reason a website or your web browser was transmitting that transmitting unencrypted, which generally is such a horrible idea that no e-commerce platform would ever knowingly do so.

  7. Did the game get super fast for anyone else with the new update? It's jolting it makes me not want to play

  8. The .255 app update family dramatically reduced some animations to speed up the app's performance

  9. Previous events like this had rotating hours (each habitat hour for one hour each, repeated for the second four hours of the event )

  10. Insanely wasteful to, outside of situations where you actually want Return for PvP

  11. There is a lot of tension between railroad companies and their employees over the past few years about unreasonably bad working conditions.

  12. Remote raiders have been temporarily boosted to 100% ever since remote raids were introduced, so we don't know what the penalty could be if Niantic ever ends that bonus

  13. How do they plan on transferring the coins to your account?

  14. These kind of sellers usually log into your account on their hardware to purchase items/coins

  15. They're either in a different country or are just hoping to steal accounts.

  16. Nearly every fuel pump in the US I've seen has an automatic shutoff feature when the tank is full, and the vast majority support card payments at the pump. Over here, it's nearly always required that you prepay for fuel dispensed.

  17. A change in a new rocket event, correct? Thought it ended after this season ends.

  18. The detail about December 1 is it's last morning this season's rocket quest is available to claim/start.

  19. So what does it mean by the classic cups are retiring.

  20. Classic cups are limited-time variations of Ultra/Ultra premier/Master/Master premier that ban anything powered up with Candy XL (aka anything above level 40 except if the best buddy bonus is used to get to 40.5/41)

  21. A PIN would be absolutely pointless online since it would be transmitted alongside the card number and other information.

  22. In my observations, many systems do require the operator to be the one who commands the doors to be opened/closed. This adds a layer of redundancy to make sure that the train is positioned in an appropriate location along the platform.

  23. The guaranteed daily spawn has special rules, including the fact it doesn't ever despawn unless caught or the day ends.

  24. It's the person's responsibility to be prepared for sudden changes in income/expenses like that, or just decline jury duty citing hardship.

  25. Chance is lower to get xl with shadow?

  26. Should be the same (about 75% at level 31 or higher if I recall)

  27. Mandating coverage for existing conditions effectively forces them, along with prohibitions on asking health questions on applications for ACA-compliant plans.

  28. The issue is especially for raid/gym offense is that shadows get a +20% bonus to their move's base Damage value, but a similar penalty for moves used against them.

  29. Yes, since this week's spotlight hour is Hoothoot

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