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  1. Jokes on you I live under a rock and I don't even know what it is

  2. Lord of the Flies: chuckles I'm in danger

  3. there's literally a burger franchise in Australia called Lord of The Fries

  4. it means the bowl is big enough to hold two tadpoles if you have no other vessel for them

  5. nasal helmet wearers be like "my head has been lopped clean off but my nose is PRISTINE baby!!"

  6. Honestly that’s a lot of places outside the US. I live in the EU now and it’s nice and makes it easy. No math. But I always hear excuses that it will be too complicated in the US.

  7. The US love pulling the "too-complicated" card for things that aren't. Just look at gun control...I live in Australia, we did it, it was pretty damn simple and it worked. Tell that to a Yank and stand back to watch some Olympic-level mental gymnastics take place

  8. I know but he didn’t nearly dethrone the ottoman sultan and end the empire 100 years early

  9. When I started I had no privacy shades. First night someone pulled up behind me and kept their high beams on for about 10 mins. I would’ve been levelled with the back window so no doubt they were looking in. Second night a car pulled in front facing me with his high beams and then shines a torch into me. 3rd day I made the best privacy shades. Not a single edge can be peeped in and haven’t had a single issue since.

  10. Often it's actually just seedy old men cruising/dogging. I had the same issue for ages and it totally vexed me why people were behaving that way, then someone told me and it all clicked. I thought they were just being nosy but nope, they were being creepy.

  11. I don’t think it’s so much that they’re seedy, but probably discreet and/or old school. Still unsettling nonetheless tho.

  12. Just fyi Jenny appears to be in Australia, so compulsory 10.5% superannuation paid by her employer ( 401k). “ free” healthcare, 4 weeks annual leave. Long service leave ( 6.1 weeks leave after 7 years) paid sick leave, and I am sure other penalty rates.(edit) oh yeah and also minimum wage is $21.40

  13. but also some of the highest real estate prices in the world. which makes me think this isn't the bootstrapping flex OOP thinks it is...where even a burned out shell of a house on a small block in the northern suburbs can go for upwards of $1.5 million, the likelihood that someone earning a McDonalds manager's wages could afford a commercial site in a desirable location is ridiculously low. they would have to have had outside help

  14. Imma be real: that's a terrible perspective. These young dudes died for no justifiable reason whatsoever, not "in service to the country". Those who worked in service of the country afterwards to prevent pointless duels like this should be the ones to have their memory honored.

  15. I think that comment was satire but honestly satire is entirely undetectable in 2023

  16. The real reason he declined is because he and Richard Harris didn’t exactly get on well. So he thought it wouldn’t be fitting if he took over one of Richard’s roles.

  17. Yeah I came here to say this. Richard Harris had been a bit critical and rude about McKellan's performances IIRC, and IM said he felt it would be inappropriate/disrespectful to take on the vacated role of a dead guy who had hated him (paraphrasing lol) well as saying that Gandalf was the OG fantasy wizard that the character of Dumbledore was really just a cheap imitation of

  18. He wasn’t critical about his acting more so than he was critical of Ian being queer.

  19. ah really? that's shitty. first JK, now OG dumbledore....fuckers

  20. Does this meme have to be posted Every other day?

  21. This was literally posted the same day a few hours ago….

  22. Been stuck behind some rare types that go from 80 in 100 to 60 in 80. Safe to say I fucking hate them, but I respect their commitment to bullshit.

  23. What I notice heaps more is that while I just go the speed limit everywhere, a lot of people seem to speed in 80 zones and go under the limit in 100 zones... they'll ride up my ass and or pass me at 80 and then I'll just pass them again in the 100 zone.... people are weird irrational creatures

  24. I've never understood ppl who pay full price for dominos. If you just google dominos vouchers there is literally always a discount code that'll save you like $5+ Wish I had that glitch one tho lol

  25. Pretty sure you're just using the website coupons dominoes already provides and giving some random site an extra click lol

  26. Nah at least in Australia they are different. I've checked, the ones with the best savings tend to not be on the website by default

  27. In LaBerge's book there's a section on arousal in dreams and how that translates to IRL where they say generally that doesn't happen.

  28. I’ve been planning to read that book. How would you rate laberge’s book frm 1-10?

  29. it's probably the only book on LD you need. It's the most comprehensive and in-depth resource out there

  30. Even Peter Jackson has said the extended editions are basically just a novelty for the superfans, and that the theatrical editions are absolutely the definitive versions. People can love them and they do and that makes sense, but ultimately they're significantly worse films cinematically and in terms of general story-telling. It's like if classical music fans demanded Beethoven put back all the bits that didn't make the cut for his 9th symphony, just because they were superfans and wanted to hear it all

  31. I must go and seek some arrows. Would that this night would end, and I could have better light for shooting.

  32. I have nothing to add but I just wanted to say I like your dog

  33. Why can’t we always have the context this short and concise

  34. There is great zinfandel out there! Zin/primitivo is one of my favourite varieties, I think I slightly prefer the Italian expressions but living in Australia I also don't really have access to much decent Cali wine so it's hard to make a definitive call. I think the people who frown on it are the same people who frown on Merlot because of Sideways, or who frown on Beaujolais because of Nouveau. Just about any variety can be made into great wine with the right location and attention...trends and popularity is just noise mostly

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