1. I go at it Greg Barsby Style, or when Simon was lofting them Philo called it a "dad putt".

  2. My buddies and I are planning a course as well. I've had a Black Hole Pro HD for 2 or 3 years now outside and it hasn't rusted at all. So we're going with that basket because it is on the cheaper side, but retains quality.

  3. Looks okay as far as variety. I'd recommend a Roadrunner or Sidewinder to fill it out.

  4. Teebird3 (either Champion or Halo Star, rather than DX/pro/star, for additional stability), or an Eagle.

  5. My buddy does this all the time. I don't even leave a name or number on my discs and just figure it to be a happy suprise for someone if I can't find my disc.

  6. I've had a Pulsar recycler ($100 at the time) for 3 years or so and I love it. I use their beveled opaque bottom bangers too bc they are between $20-40 and last a long time (much longer than other budget brands I've used).

  7. 13 members of Wolverine Watchmen were arrested, yet 12 more members were FBI informants... why are they not being arrested for coming up with the plot?

  8. I have an autowatering system set up to give the bare minimum and plunge my finger into the top 2 or 3" of soil daily to get a feel for if they need more. I also follow the advice you're putting out and let each plant speak to their needs, but obviously try to not allow it to get to that point.

  9. I don't like Trump, but ffs the Jan 6 committee is MOSTLY heresay that would never fly in any sort of actual judicial hearing. It is a mockery and sickening the tax dollars wasted to stroke the egos of these traitorous scum.

  10. Are elbow injuries way more common in people who drive majority forehand? My best bud has had to completely transition from a forehand dominant game to almost exclusively backhand because of elbow pain.

  11. Absolutely. It is the same basic motion as a baseball pitcher (says Scott Stokely) and if you've watched a pitcher in slow motion, their elbow hyperextends.

  12. Unless you count Polio, which the vaccine derived version has spread today far more and wide than wild-type.

  13. Putting aside the fact that that's not what murder means, the flu shot is notoriously ineffective, like sometimes down to single digit percentages, and that's according to the official data that they're willing to publish. Pretty much any reason at all is good enough to skip that trash

  14. Except, for whatever reason, when the flu shot is innefective the media actually somewhat reports the reality as such:

  15. Here's the very first picture taken of Ebola, and the story behind it. Have fun.

  16. In fact, according to their definition, no virus in history has ever been isolated. That’s important to know. They use that as justification for their belief that there is no virus here since viruses don’t exist at all.

  17. The first "viral isolations" were performed with a water filtration device.

  18. How did they know it was Ebola when the first genomic sequence wasn't performed until 1977?

  19. With the uptick of CERN activity, where they claim to produce magnetic fields 100,000x stronger than Earth's... seems plausible.

  20. Abortion isn't listed in the constitution, so how is removing federal rulings back to the state level unconstitutional?

  21. In 2008, Spanish Flu survivors were tested and had antibodies still, which Lord Fauic called "the motherload of natural immunity"

  22. Ethanol added, which contains less energy potential (~30%) than gasoline.

  23. If you watched the FDA webinar on their Youtube channel going over the EUA, they literally say multiple times that the studies don't exist and they are assuming that a small child's reaction will be similar to an adults.

  24. I saw that the other day, but now it's not in my history and I can't find it...

  25. Antibodies do not confer immunity yet is all the pharma and FDA companies talk about to declare efficacy.

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