1. Im a mercedes-benz fan but would pick m4 competition between this two

  2. All of them are cancellable even if they say it’s not. Talk to the finance department. And go to a credit union and refinance because chances are they marked up your rate a little bit. Refinancing is a lot easier than it sounds.

  3. If you are considering it and have the means to do it, get the LS500. RWD motor, faster engine, holds its value better than almost any other car on the market. You will not regret it. Although I do have an ES300h Luxury Package the LS is more spacious and more premium materials inside

  4. Thanks for this. The last time I had a fast car I got so many tickets, but it was a little bmw roadster. Maybe with a big sedan I can do better.

  5. Yes the LS definitely attracts less police attention than any BMW but for sure looks a lot better

  6. what about a regular scatpack challenger narrow body for 650$ and 2k down 48 months

  7. Tbh bro just get the narrow body, save your money for gas you still finna be swinging Shit

  8. It’s the market rn 2 years ago average would be around 600 a month but just keep in mind the gas is gonna fuck you. My coworker got the same commute as me I spend around $200 a month with my hybrid (44mpg) he spends $1000. Traded it in for a Camry recently

  9. More room for clapping cheeks - Camry More potential to pick up cheeks to get clapped + much more fun drive - IS300

  10. 4 doors more whores. Go with the Lexus and have your mechanic look at it before to feel safer trust me.

  11. I had one guy this past Week who walked out of finance because he wanted his payment date to be 48 days from the day he bought it not 45 …

  12. Dealerships that sell the most cars receive the most cars. That’s why regardless if salesman make a shit ton of gross they’re still on your ass about units so the store can continue to have new metal come in.

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