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  1. What is this color combo for the Paracord and sheathing?

  2. If you're going to teach someone how to do a chokehold, you should probably know how to get out of a chokehold

  3. A UserScript would be a too-late solution if you want to avoid being tracked, because at the time the script is executed, the URL with the tracking data is already sent to the server.

  4. I will give this a go. Thank you for the informed response. I wasn't sure how far in the Greasemonkey script was being initiated.

  5. Did you ever figure this out? I started adapting fort Tampermonkey as well but seem to be running into the same issue.

  6. That's interesting. My script strips off the URI then decodes the rest... I wonder why it would be trying to resolve it.

  7. That got a smile out of me.:upvote:

  8. I am having this same problem on Xbox Series X

  9. It took me a minute when I got that one today too. I’m pretty sure he’s picturing a duck.

  10. oh shi- I ordered a keychron K6 Pro yesterday :(

  11. Better choice in my opinion. Keychron is worth it for the QMK support alone.

  12. This, I saw QMK and wireless and my mouse clicked right away! I didn't bought it! my mouse did! besides that OSA profile looks damn sweet too...

  13. I have a set of their new KSA keycaps and they are totally dope.

  14. Just wanted to give a heads up that the Apollo and Pixel Pals' Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are ending shortly, so act quick if you've been planning on it/on the fence (the deals won't get better than this)! It includes the nice saved categories feature, new icons, new pixel pals, and much more! Unlocking anything (Ultra, tips, Pro, SPCA, etc.) for this event only also unlocks the Baked Beans icon, so act quick before it goes back in the

  15. I have lifetime ultimate and I tipped on the day this came out but didn’t get the bean icon.

  16. I just tried this with "Job Status" window fully switched to "Offline," so I know it works:

  17. Thanks for the tip. It doesn't even matter now, I restarted Fusion in my troubleshooting process and now it won't even open the file. I just get a message that says (Document is still uploading)

  18. I am taking this advice from now on.

  19. I swear, people bitch and moan about the issues but refuse to go to the polls. There's zero excuse for Abbott, Patrick and Paxson to be re-elected based on the amount of pro-choice women in this state alone. Not to mention the other pro-choice individuals. And then the sorry ass way the electrical grid was and has been handled. Then the gun issues with these mass shootings of children.

  20. You forgot the stellar handling of the pandemic.

  21. Imma be honest no one in a Airbnb is doing that bruh. The most you’ll get is people to throw it out their window. My grandmother does this though but a drunk guy in a Vegas Airbnb “naw.”

  22. I don't really see drunk guys in Air BnB doing a lot of cooking.

  23. Glad that the world is not Sans Serafina.

  24. Was gonna get the Keychron v1, now idk what to get. Really dig the orange but don't know if it'll match what I've got going on. Has anyone tried vinyl wrapping a case before?

  25. Get the V1. QMK/VIA are enough on their own to make it the better choice.

  26. And I thought this would be my endgame keycaps, I do like the OSA design and the color.

  27. Are you serious? These are literally the cheapest keycaps money can buy. They only charge $20 premium for some very good Gateron switches AND the keycaps. I do like the profile but they are very very very cheap.

  28. This is why I buy all the shows I consider important on iTunes when they go on sale. Got screwed on Third Rock From the Sun recently too.

  29. That’s when Deep Ellum was cool. The only place in town that you could go to a Reggae dancehall, hear Dallas Rock music in the streets, Clubs with Co-Ed restrooms and go smoke a blunt at a Hiphop show. And after that, go get a slice for pizza at Zinis.

  30. Used to go swing dancing at the old bowling alley.

  31. I remember - loved it. Discovered the local BBS 'Chrysalis' through it.

  32. I wanted to join chrysalis, but it was too expensive for me as a kid.

  33. I watched a booth get shut down by FBI agents there once. It was amazing thing to see as a 16 year old kid.

  34. The knob does fit the encoder shaft but the diameter is larger than the diameter of the hole on the Q1 which prevents it from being pushed down far enough to click. If you have a 3D printer I have made models for printing your own knobs if you are interested.

  35. Serious question. I would like to hear your experience with it. Especially what doesn’t work well and in what combination. I love Keychron and owning a K8 and Q3 I found out I can almost fix any issue with a mod here or there. I’m considering buying the Q8 to replace my Akko Alice as I think it’s a step up. I could pair it Boba U4T or CS Jelly Purple switches and MT3 or Cherry profile keycaps. Are there any known issues that I should be aware of? Something you can’t mod your way around. Think Q1 v1 tall profile keycap interference.

  36. Not that I know of. I’ve been using the Q8 for weeks now and it has quickly become my favorite board.

  37. If you've been able to successfully compile an image for the Q8 + knob without breaking the knob controls, I'd love to know how you did it.

  38. So the trick to building for the Q8 right now (until QMK pulls q8 into their master branch) is to clone the Keychron Playground branch and compile from there.

  39. Tik Tok is the worse thing to happen to humanity.

  40. No Facebook. I'll give Tik Tok a close second though.

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