1. Ideally you would try and stay in 'zone 2' or avoid going over your first lactate threshold so that you aren't doing any kind of strenuous endurance training at around the same time as your workout.

  2. BOOOOOOOF the realization moment (happy scream)

  3. Perfect, I will stay with cycling, Thanks very much!!!!

  4. Ah yeah, the chronic "being myself" disease. (At least that's what I like to call it in my case)

  5. (you are already helping me by listening and answering so thanks in advance)

  6. I know it is not easy, but trying and staying is already a success. So it's not over.

  7. wow, with this question I have realized that, when I'm at my best, is not even half of the best I was years ago.

  8. Thanks! that really helps me put it on view because they are the ones who are wasting energy on changing/shifting their mood just for me, even if they hate me "naturally", they still have to behave differently you know?, whereas I still myself/minding my own business (in the good meaning)

  9. Yeah I have dealt with the same thing sadly. I think sometimes, in my case, since I was school friends with whom I had to spend every day with, cutting them out completely was not really an option. During this time, I tried everything on my side.

  10. :( seems like we both learned from it in the past (had a similar situation, and as well didn't talk shit), that's why now I could identify it early, but didn't give much importance (since this class is not from childhood and its first year of colelge).

  11. Hi OP! I know that “LESSGOOOO” energy can wear out after some time so checking in at a week to send you well wishes and hope you’re fucking smashing that shit.

  12. hey, well, its been a wild ride since the post. I still have the "energy", but the attitude fluctuates... I'm getting hit day by day with a stick, not out of wood, but out of metal and nails...

  13. I clicked on your post because I've been struggling for a few months and some of what you said resonated with me. I'm also in a position where finals are upon me and when the motivation to get out of bed is not there, studying for school seems laughable. I empathize with you and want you to know there are others who care and want you to feel better.

  14. The thing is that even finding the right physiologist for me is difficult because what I mostly want is someone who tries to comprehend what is wrong with me, not try to "show me how to think different/prove me wrong". (I'm not generalizing, is just from past experiences, so now I know what I want).

  15. thanks for your comment, I have to work on "my purpose in life" more, because right night is a constant nightmares with moments of "oh look, now I don't have to deal with depression"

  16. honestly, I don't really know. But I have given up a month ago or so.

  17. If you start feeling bad effe ts one to two hours after consumption it is likely an intolerance.

  18. thanks for the help i will try it tmw :)

  19. If it’s any help I get all my symptoms 40 minutes to an hour after consuming any dairy. I don’t think an intolerance would take longer than 2 hours to show any effects!

  20. Thanks, I will try this test tomorrow, it would be 72h after last consumption :)

  21. Hey man. Really sorry to hear what you're going through. I've been there.

  22. well it means that she wasn’t suited for you. it most likely wouldn’t have worked out anyway if she isn’t 100% into it so you’ve saved yourself a heartbreak. also, it also means that she’s not your soulmate, so you’re one step closer to finding your true love :)

  23. yep, and she even rejected me very bad or with a bad tone, but honestly, I don't even care about that anymore, I'm not surprised nor was expecting it.

  24. I get ya, son worry, slowly you will find that person, you will sometimes realize it's the person you never found an interest in the first place that's the one most suited for you

  25. Just waked up, feeling shitty but I know I will heal fast, I sense it

  26. What series are you about to finish, I really need something good to watch /rewatch I'm sure things will work out for you, the one thing my mom made sure to teach me is: Work hard and good things will come. Keep ur head up buddy, and I'm sure things'll get brighter. If u ever need someone to DM mine is always open!

  27. I'm about to finish the last season of Bojack Horseman, I know it's relatively old, but don't know how I have never heard/got the show recommended. It's really good if you want some tragedy-comedy mix, Really on top of my favorite series.

  28. I have only watch a couple of episodes here and there, I'll put it on my to-watch-list and give it a real go! Try and start your day with a smile timorrow, even tho it's fake it helps me sometimes! And put on 'It Was A Good Day' by IceCube

  29. I had the same feeling with Bojack, first two episodes and then quit, but then I started to see the characters more relatable, and kinda how I will have reacted in that situation, plus the comedy, plus I have similar problems with Bojack and it helps me value my life.

  30. holy shit, my mind just blew. Thanks for helping me to get rid of this bad sensation :)

  31. There is always a risk of corrupting a world when you update it to a newer version. The older a world's version is and the larger the area you have explored, the more likely it is that you will get corruption at some point in the update process.

  32. This is the best answer I will ever get in my life, not even my college classmates take this level of detail in their explanations... nobody in reality…

  33. Yes!!, I wasn't doubting about it, I just refer to it as an impediment (like, not everybody knows English), it was adding more irony to the comment above =)

  34. Hello :) Are you located in Latvia? Are you looking for a job? I work for a well-known legit international company that needs English and Spanish speakers. Let me know 😉 It's not a pyramid. It's a company in travel industry.

  35. Helloo :D, I'm currently studying in a university (yes, n Latvia )and I just need extra cash by the beginning of summer, so teaching Spanish is a fast and not full time-consuming option

  36. yeah I kinda get that part, I don't like to say it that much but I have "good" independent skills, basically I can survive by my own (now), but isn't bad that the university doesn't care about students? I mean I could perfectly now quit my worry, be a (bad) doctor and get the degree with low effort...

  37. Yeah I get that, that's how I am at my community college but it is a lot easier than university. I'm glad that ur enjoying it, I hope you enjoy your job someday 💞

  38. thank you very much, hopefully, I would really enjoy things without my ming disturbing and, who knows, maybe I will be well prepared in the end.

  39. To the teacher who had to clean that:

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