1. generally curious on the taste and smell on the big head. Im a really really big fan of the sherbhead. my favorite in the program so far. lemony, piney? gas?

  2. i think big heads awesome effect wise i just cant do the mintiness of it lol reminds me of vics vapor rub

  3. i had some super dry looked good smelled kinda fruity agree the taste wasn't there burnt kinda weird but it was on sale for 20 bucks lol butterfly effect has been slippin latley there my go to kinda disappointing , my batch was from over 30 days ago before i got hurt

  4. So sad to see BE go downhill, their bud used to be great every time :( I had some crushed berries a little while ago and it was fantastic, my roommate got some Mac and cheese and it was just ok.

  5. i recently had some mac n cheese probably the worse flower ive had in the program ... smelled weird there was no mac or cheese to it just poundery dust and lackluster effects .

  6. Get an attorney, seriously. You'll have a much better outcome. Get one with a good reputation and that specializes in workers comp cases. A good attorney will have a good referral source for your care and evaluations.

  7. ya i definitley would if i could afford it i cant even buy myself a dollar burger right now i tried one of those free places that take payment after you win but they were shit i guess ya get what ya can afford im just trying to stay positive been a rough go had to sell my car and phone to pay bills this month but im blessed i had those possesions to sell rough losing everything you worked for

  8. I was in that place and it was so rough. I went several months without income. Had to sell things and cash savings. I had to pay a small retainer and they took a percentage out of every workers comp check and settlement that I received. It was a small percentage on the income, like 10%. 30% for settlement. Totally worth it.

  9. wish i had a savings child support gets most of my money and rent but i know ill get better and eventually shit will turn around for me i just applied for food assistance its been horrible was using a food bank but cant get there anymore due to no wheels

  10. Moustafa Maita with NuggMD I think. To be fair I didn't provide documentation (My therapist and I discussed me having CPTSD but don't have a paper diagnosis, and I also have insomnia) so maybe that contributed to it but he specifically said the reason was he doesn't give a card to people with a history of suicidal ideation.

  11. that freaking sucks id try another doc. I have PTSD and many time have had suicidal issues my counselor reccomended mmj then my doc followed suit . i sent you a message

  12. AGREED be thankful you even have the means and opportunities to purchase your meds , myself being injured with multiple broken bones unable to work I know see how ungrateful i was when i was able to purchase medicine from the dispensary's. i think alot of us have become spoiled and lost sight of the fact WE EVEN HAVE A PROGRAM ya its shitty, ya its expsensive but its shaping up just in the short time ive been in the program. ONE LOVE , ONE MISSION =RELIEF

  13. is this similar to icc? last jar i grabbed looked just like this lol looks like some super gas lol

  14. it is oreoz X Heat Locker, Heat Locker does have icc in its lineage. so yep haha

  15. try the sundae sunset 82 from botonist. taste like runtz and smells tropical. but dry

  16. i havent gotten a strain from the bot that didnt smell like hay.... ive tried almost everything but the plum n watermelon that just came out but its CHEAP

  17. the WAX ROOM always had zips for 135 when i was in the denver area for a while

  18. I wish I could let mine sit that long😂🤣 I always change out the hydro packs and or add hydro packs when I come home from the dispensaries and also change containers if need be. But mine don't last long here, especially only buying 2.83 g's at a time. My dispensaries near me are pretty picked over for the high THC and or it doesn't last long and or is too expensive.

  19. trust me i feel that man... broke my leg n ankle at work on the first of dec havent been able to work since so i get the money aspect havent had medicine in a month 45 days expired last month and another 45 on the 31st of this month shit sucks..

  20. Thanks! Tastes good, burn smooth, with no funky aftertaste, effect is good mellowing but not sedating. I think it may have a creep factor to it. Flower was not totally dried out due to hydro pack. Not as potent as I was hoping for, more body than mind but not bad for the money. If you can find Low Tide by Chizle, pretty tasty, effect is good too. I also have Gelato Cake by Chizle(bedtime). I would pick Chizel over Pure Ohio any day, they're roughly about the same price, more on the less expensive side and I'm not disappointed with my purchase, would definitely purchase again.

  21. AGREED theres something up with the POW hype their purple sunset smalls were tiny almost shake like , only way i got any effects were by loading it with keif . always see huge frosty nugs all ive got were dry, tiny lacked smell n effects

  22. I got their gelato cake, honestly seems pretty decent. Not much smell to it unfortunately, but still doesn’t seem to be a bad smoke

  23. i grabbed some of that during green weekend and i must of got a bad cured batch it was super spicy lol had a weird smell taste after i let it sit a week it was awesome lol

  24. AGREED grabbed some mac n cheese to try instead of my usual TCC worse mistake ever. the only flower ive ever had turn to dust BE is my go to but somethings changed with their oil n flower the last few months

  25. Their TCC is my go to as well!! I bought a total of 4 ounces over the entirety of 2021. I may or may not have a few beans saved from the many batches I bought…

  26. honestly i belive their just baiting us in just my opinion just like the whole selling budlets and advertising full size nugs thats like a steakhouse offering ya a filet ming n giving ya a flank steak haha sorry im a fatass easy to compare to food haha

  27. Just gonto your email from them. There's links. It says you get 90 days worth in 90 days. Which is how it use to be back in the day. Just like now you can get 45 days worth within your 45 days at any time. But I'm guessing they typed it out as 90 since it's the orginal way of doing it amd how doctors prescribe it. But guess they're still breaking it up. 🤷🏼‍♀️Because people had a hard time managing that much at once or something along those lines

  28. since ive joined its always been 3 90 fills split in 2 = 45

  29. from my understanding its still split in half tho 45 n 45 ?

  30. Lmao that's an entirely different blue cheese your talking about. Blue cheese marijuana is blueberry cheese cake actually, no relation whatsoever to what you just said. Probably good to research things when you get confused

  31. id have to disagree man this doesnt have a blueberry taste at all . STRAIGHT MOLDY BLUE CHEESE is the taste n smell for me the kind ya put on ur food

  32. sure does id still sandwich it tho gets REAL messy lol

  33. TCC for pain, anxiety it'll def lock ya if you rip on it that's my fav when the batch is good I had the blue cheese it was alright

  34. Electric peanut butter cookies from galenas super sedative super high terp profiles and possibly try out some rso all love👍

  35. blueberry cooks by galenas does it for me my favorite flower in the prog

  36. Fresher material going in attributes to the color

  37. makes it lighter ? i have been so sketched out by it but i love BE so i gotta stand by them . i noticed the oil seems runny as well

  38. yep, it's going to be a much lighter orange; especially on the new strains being released. The terpene fractions are also coming out lighter color with higher clarity/quality as well. Nothing has changed in the extraction process. Some batches will be less viscous than others though as potencies vary and terpene content.

  39. gotcha ya the oil just isnt as strong , flavors off i just went back to their flower instead of vape

  40. bet its got the little logo on it only ones i ever hd issues with are their new batches

  41. every product ive EVER got from certified was lacking effects , smell , flavor .. the carts are the WORSE. never have got that jar either just the black jar with a plain label with their goofy sticker over it .I never make purchases based off this thread anymore alotta sketchy bullshit with dispos having workers and accounts on here coaxing folks to purchase trash ass flower

  42. I'm in the saaaaame exact situation. I have way more than I can smoke myself already, but have 14 plants currently going in different stages of growth. I gave some flower away for xmas, but like you, didnt want to raise to many suspicions "How did he gift away 1/2 lbs?!" I wish I lived in a legal state so I could brag, but guess I gotta settle on telling all you internet weirdos ;)

  43. Man glad to see folks still look out for one another broke my ankle at work on the first been off work 2 months haven’t been able to use my card or make much cash flow so it’s been rough if you guys could give me some pointers I’d truly appreciate it trying to figure out how to get some relief until I get back to work

  44. Out of 5. The post Flairs you can use for reviews go up to 5 stars and you can choose which one represents your feedback.

  45. Oh shit I just saw that 😂 I’m a burn out lol …. How are the effects ?

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