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  1. Personally it went away after a few shaves but maybe that is just me

  2. What is wrong with you? Do you have brain damage? We're you that mentality scared by your father leaving?

  3. Nah I'm mentally scarred from him being a reddit mod

  4. False, reddit mods don't have sex meaning your father did leave you

  5. I'm going to go to german uni next year and this has traumatized me

  6. I feel the baby face teaches you how to pick your fights as the speed boost allows you to flank easier and catch people off guard quicker at the price of when you get caught you are lucky if you make it out alive. Also weapons that cause bleed make this gun feel a bit easier to deal with as bleed DOT and damage from secondary and melee count towards boost

  7. Se but i defineetely feel like the damage necessary to remove the boost should be 50 or 75 because currently any class can get an easy shot (if you aren't too good or double jumping) and completely remove your meter

  8. Meu time é melhor mas eu nao vouelhorar para que eu cansei de ficar fazendo isso

  9. depends on your region..did you check amazon prime ?

  10. i can't afford it but now i understand that crunchyroll is just being weird

  11. you can watch it on a free anime site (9anime.to)

  12. I'd rather not as i found it on crunchyroll, its just that crunchyroll is weird

  13. the moment i saw it i fell in love with the art and tried to play it, but i was very dumb and just got stuck in fungal wastes, later when i got it on my pc i just beat the game while appreciating the art

  14. I'm moving to germany in February, will i be able to find matches?

  15. I guess it would take a bit longer than elsewhere

  16. I love exploring and crafting while listening to the amazing ost, also it is such a shame that they ruined such an interesting cast of races and groups with this current story

  17. Is it still down? I'm getting into games no issues here in Washington via the Oregon server.

  18. I have yet to find a single match here in Sao Paulo

  19. Yeah, when someone knows the trickstabs, and knows how to handle the jankiness of the game, you're fucked, basically.

  20. i'd say its more about where i live, these days i did some research and it ended up that after 50 matches 60%ish of players had over 1K hours and 30%ish had over 3k

  21. Have you ever noticed that Scout never actually loads shells inside the gun yet it somehow works? He only unloads them during his reload animation

  22. Btw there is a hole for shells to be interested in the bottom of the "magazine" so its just a lever action shotgun

  23. Also tbe fact that spy is one of the worse classes due to the insane amount of skill to be effective with him against high skill opponents

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