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  1. Really looks like a rabbit head

  2. I'd vote for that. Elementary schoolers don't sexualize breasts like high schoolers do, change my mind

  3. Redditors when pedophillic adult male teacher (its gross): 😡😡🤬🤬

  4. "i hate childrn enxpt when they..in,,,..my bed🤤🤤🤤🤤💀💀💀"

  5. What’s Japan’s obsession with drawing adult looking characters with clearly sexualized adult features only to call them kids

  6. I don't fucking know at all. I've been watching anime ever since I was a kid, and I STILL don't know why. It's the whole Yoko Littner and Konata Izumi effect, but I assume it was like this even before they were a thing

  7. I wish nothing but the worst for the person who wrote this. What is Sankaku though?

  8. Sankaku Complex is an article base site that talks about Japanese/Anime topics. The articles themselves can range to not so "news" worthy stuff, too "holy shit look at this bozo who said something about X character being a minor on Twatter". You would have comments like that, and they're not rare at all.

  9. Yeah that too. Forgot to put that park in. That’s why some articles have these NSFW pics/vids that talk about a certain topic, almost trying to clickbait your ass

  10. The place I last saw it was on SoundCloud with some awful raps done by text to speech bots

  11. That they were no one to be mess with because they could hack you/spam your discord with bots.

  12. Also they where siding with that Robot dude from the screenshot saying that op deserved it and that he would do the same to anyone that annoys them

  13. Toadette is 25, just looked it up. I don't know much about the characters or people.

  14. I swear I once looked up her age and it states that she’s “eight.” I put quotes on there on purpose because either someone got their information wrong, or it’s made up

  15. You know, there was an article discussing her age and why it shows up like that let me get that for you.

  16. Holy crap I just saw that article an hour ago once I also saw your comment. If that's the case, then Todette seems to be fine. The rest are... yeah...

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