1. What do you want to do?░ The pre-rendered cutscene or the ps1 rendered cutscene?░

  2. use Eevee. the rest you just got to figure out yourself with different shaders and techniques to achieve a "worse" result than what you would have gotten.

  3. You get a discount when buying multiple stickers. Buying just one gets you the higher price. Buying 10 or more (I think) lowers the price of your order.

  4. Show (with a screenshot) in what way the mesh isn't behaving as expected. Show us how you have rigged it. Show us that the result is you're expecting.

  5. I think this should work. Go into edit mode by pressing tab, then select all the back vertices (black dots) and then press f. this should create a new face on the back.

  6. Sorry to return to this, but the driver keeps uninstalling itself and going back to the previous version, every time it does this I have to reinstall it again and it uninstalls after a little while :(

  7. Don’t check the box that says “clean installation”

  8. There is always a risk. Some insatisfyed customers willing to ruin your career, identity theft, etc.

  9. isnt it against paypal's rules to not use your real name though?

  10. Most probably. But why would you want tu use PayPal in the first place?

  11. bc i have no frame of reference for this stuff and paypal seems to be the most commonly used method of payment

  12. Yeah you'll receive the money on the new account. But if you made the change close to 15th of the given month payment might be delayed until the next month.

  13. No, powering the joycons is handled by the OS, which wont work if the OS isnt functioning. I would just get a cheap third party joycon charger or charging grip to keep them powered.

  14. The operating system. The Switch uses a custom OS based on Android.

  15. In case you haven't already figured it out (by e.g. trying or googling):

  16. Hello, sorry for the delay, but this did not work.

  17. can't be...maybe try to also tick force refresh like befire with Animate img seq. Else i have no idea what's going wrong here

  18. I don't think I have those, and is there a way to check if I am running out of memory?

  19. There are programs out there that monitor pc performance. You could try opening the task manager for windows as well, that will display cpu and ram usage by app. You can also use it to find apps that are unnecessarily using you ram so you can end there tasks to free up memory. Just be careful, ending some tasks could cause problems.

  20. The main way I do that is by plugging the image into the emission with the nodes then tweaking emission strength. Bear in mind this will make your whole image glow, so you may have to separate the floor from any other elements in the image.

  21. ooohh, thank you! that's about the right effect I was looking for ^^

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