1. The one in the Dominican Republic looks like a half cycle of the wave produced by a power inverter.

  2. Fun Fact: My farm is in that area. Are you a local by any chance?

  3. Nah. But New Orleans is my favorite historic culture.

  4. LITTLE AMERICA is the name given in

  5. This is unfortunately true. Ukraine has complete support. So undoing that goodwill by committing atrocities that they perhaps don't need to commit is just shooting themselves in the foot.

  6. "Reverse discrimination" and "retaliatory atrocities" definitely should be condemned, but it should be recognized that there is an extra layer of tragedy to them in that years of fighting and surviving have worn down a victimized people to the point that they no longer see their aggressors as fully human.

  7. I think I just responded to one of your other comments. I think everyone can agree with or understand that. But as I said, when you start walking down the enemies path in any sense, people will start using those instances against you. And right now that's the last thing Ukraine needs.

  8. Agreed, and Ukraine's allies need to push UA to formally order their troops to treat Russian POWs as humans and formally distance themselves from/condemn any reprisals.

  9. To give some context to this post I would like to say that Alaska Native people represent 20 different cultures and regions across our state. We have dozens of languages and dialects that are distinct. My family is from Western Alaska and Interior Alaska, my moms family comes from here. Almost all Alaska Native people do not have any contact with Siberia, other than Siberian Yup'ik people- After WWII the red wall cut off many families who resided between borders. If you would like to learn more about our cultures come visit Alaska!!

  10. Are you Yupik? If so, do you have any relatives who wound up on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain?

  11. I am Central Yupik. All of my relatives come from Bristol Bay and YK Delta, so no.

  12. Is the term “Eskimo” acceptable for Yupik? I know Inuit hate it.

  13. Central America & Carribean ArchipelagoAfter WW2, Central America is occupied by Germans, providing an important amount of resources for the Reich, as well as important harbours and strategic infrastructures such as the Panama Canal.

  14. It’s ok lmao it’s just that Dominicans and Puerto Ricans don’t like being considered black because reasons.

  15. "Mixed-race people with known African descent alongside other ancestries" or "part-Black" would probably be more accurate as in many cases the African ancestry is <50% and they never had the same strict White supremacy that the US had.

  16. That’s a one-way trip to suffering damages by an arbitration tribunal and scaring off any investors in the future. Stupid, short-sighted move.

  17. I’m already getting the feeling this is the “trade with culturally or politically different countries is a gamble” decade. Petition to fire the White supremacist edgelord from the “2020s: The Series” writing team.

  18. You don’t mess around with the Māori.

  19. But wound up signing a treaty instead of outright conquest.

  20. Europe is increasingly entering a space where an uncomfortable conflict between rising populations/declining fertility and hatred of immigrants becomes felt more and more every day.

  21. Surely there must be some potential Europeans out there. Africa, Asia, and the Americas can’t be a complete desert of talent.

  22. Being stuck in a Transformers fanfic with increasing elements of White supremacy, fragile supply chains, and bizarre drone battles? Tough.

  23. Profiting on both sides of every war. Classic military-industrial tactic.

  24. Who are the leading powers? Looks like China, Brazil (?), Mexico (?), and the ASEAN.

  25. The “serpent flag” is the flag of Martinique during slavery times and has a very divided if not outright negative reception on the island. Very offensive to fly in Little Haiti, which is a predominantly Afro-Caribbean neighborhood.

  26. Most Americans don't know the size of a tuna fish, and don't know metric measurements. Put it in terms we can understand. 3 football fields.

  27. I like stories (of building height). It’s something most people interact with every day and North American buildings tend to have stories around 3m/10ft tall, which are both pretty convenient increments.

  28. Do germans want to look pro immigration? Or is it just the state and companies that try to attract workers.

  29. The state, but the incompetent bureaucracy is a part of the very same state. Is DE really that close to its carrying capacity, and if not is the non-Western world really that much of a talent desert?

  30. If there really aren’t that many potentially productive westerners outside the west (due to educational, cultural, or God forbid deeper reasons), then we are at risk of some very dark times. Ingrained differences between populations + finite resources = potential for really ugly competition.

  31. So it's basically a dormitory cosplaying as a luxury apartment/hotel complex.

  32. Uh, I thought it was pretty cool technical achievement. The pictures of the rooms are nicer than anything I’ve lived in the US that’s for sure. There’s also a ton of businesses in the building.

  33. There might be code violation issues though, if most of those chop-ups weren't done with proper permitting and engineering.

  34. And that's the main reason why so many people loved the 1950s

  35. 1946-20?? [last year depends on country] is going to likely be looked at as a golden age of human progress (at least pre-AI human progress). Yes, there were horrific tragedies, but even the worst postwar pandemics, famines, genocides, and economic crises looked tame - or at least localized to one or two countries at a time, for instance the Bangladeshi and Chinese famines - when compared to:

  36. I mean, can you imagine if they decided to give the middle finger to the police too?

  37. Pretty epic quote for a chatbot. Being trained on Optimus is kinda cheating though.

  38. background disasters are basically free intrigue, I spend the whole movie thinking what caused it and it distacts me from the plot.

  39. Optimus Prime just casually chilling in the background really adds to the decade's vibes

  40. As if the Bayverse wasn’t already convoluted with its 3 different origins for the transformers

  41. Even G1 in the mid-1980s had two major continuities (Marvel and cartoons) that contradicted each other.

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