1. We could easily see USSR 2 or Mao 2

  2. It’s pretty much already there, it’s just the first couple chapters in the story.

  3. So we’re watching the origins of what could be the worst human rights crisis in decades, if not in recorded history because of the sheer population of mainland China. Terrifying

  4. A fine as a punishment is no point unless the fine more than offsets the revenue gained by the illegal activity.

  5. Fines are just a way of making things legal for rich people. Prison sentences are where the real punishments are.

  6. Large asset seizures/forcible bankruptcy would also be nice.

  7. You all look the same culturally outside of deep rural areas. (They’re used to old-school yet relatively prosperous communities and have limited mass media)

  8. Reasonably large population + high inequality + high GDP + strong USD will do that to a planet.

  9. For what? What would a sentient machine capable of manufacturing it's own power and replicating itself iteratively need human beings for?

  10. We’re able to coexist with dumber species of animals. Why couldn’t they?

  11. Not really in the main world, but a lot of the immigrants come from outright shitholes. We’re talking breeding slaves (from a dystopian China or Japan) who were chained or nailed to beds until they bore 4 children, survivors of robot wars with only a semiautonomous car for companionship, survivors of racist genocides (approaching Turner Diaries levels), involuntary cyborgs, etc. across the entire spectrum from “Sentinelese tribesman” to “basically Optimus Prime.” (Creole cultures embrace immigration and integration, and it’s rumored that there are complex genetic and/or environmental factors that nudge the locals into being more accepting, with the conspiracy theory being that an ancient alien teamed up with the ghost of Joséphine Baker to establish a gestalt field over the planet and the more realistically minded crediting a founder effect plus constant waves of migration from every inhabited continent with creating an inborn predisposition to open-mindedness.

  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senescence

  13. It would suck if we humans are already at the upper end for land mammals.

  14. Maximum age for humans is about 120 years, due to telomeres. Some have gotten older, but only a few years, genetical variability.

  15. I know there’s a lot of research into that field, but it’s possible that there may be a hard limit for land-based mammals unless we want to abandon our humanity entirely.

  16. Stolen land. There is a native creole population that was removed in the 1960s, after Elvis and the Beatles.

  17. They won their last case (that I know of) and are being given back one or two islands. Unfortunately, they’ll never get DG back.

  18. Is the island they’re getting at least in the area and inhabitable? Mass resettlement was pretty common even in the mainland US and Europe at the time (see the Blaskets in Ireland for an example).

  19. It is of course a double edged sword. Every country in the world is less self sufficient in foodstuffs than they were five decades ago, but it also means they can weather local climate effects (pun intended) more easily as well. A drought in East Africa is far less devastating than it was twenty years ago to locals, but conversely, a drought in the Midwestern United States now affects even if their local conditions are perfect, and may inadvertently lead to famine due to the fact that so much food has to be imported. Add to that the rollercoaster of worldwide commodity prices in the goods they now produce instead of food and a bumper year in cotton or coffee can lead to starvation.

  20. I hope we aren’t hitting the feasible upper limits though

  21. Globalization works well when all regimes are economically motivated and there is a low frequency of disasters. Remove both those factors and who knows what comes next.

  22. Indescribably based. I share much of the same assumptions as you posit (AI and space exploration are undeservedly hyped) and have been looking for another angle for my sci-fi. Half way through the article but had to give kudos.

  23. Agreed. My only real fandom is Transformers (unless you count music or world cultures), and there’s often a biological undercurrent in those robots.

  24. Hey know, don’t bring dnd into being homophobic! I garuntee you, 75% of us are some flavor of queer

  25. Juvenile homophobia and racism are often about being “edgy”. Cringe, but not necessarily sincere hatred.

  26. Car ownership and suburban home ownership both look like traps and rackets. I am not sure how to escape car ownership myself, besides moving to Europe, which I did once or twice.

  27. If countries outside Europe and parts of East Asia cannot converge with them, and our people cannot mass migrate to Europe without bringing problems, then I don’t see that much future for our species and the cause of rising equality and prosperity.

  28. The US was the birthplace of the car and has a fetish for cars. It’s part of our culture, which is probably why we struggle with this issue so much.

  29. There are large portions of the USA that are both walkable and car friendly. I grew up in one! (Anywhere built between 1910-1940 more or less)

  30. This is not a "quarantine" camp, it's a concentration camp for political dissidents. The CCP is using COVID as an excuse to eliminate those disloyal to the state.

  31. Full Nazi/North Korea. It sucks that all the poverty reduction under Jiang and Hu will likely be overshadowed by the nightmare regime that succeeded them.

  32. Theres economics sanctions that could be taken

  33. Seeing the world’s most populous country and one of its largest economies on the brink of turning into North Korea is nightmarish, and regardless of what happens (complete tyranny or civil war) there will be a lot of innocent people dying.

  34. The article is also paywalled, so here's a direct-to-the-chase translation:

  35. Those are kinda pessimistic timelines, but it seems like nobody knows the dates and times of mass autonomous vehicle adoption (anywhere from “a couple years” to “it may never be achievable, at least not within the next 60-70 years.”

  36. Any other Transformers fans in this thread? Hard not to see references everywhere in the nightly news

  37. Yup. I feel like space colonization, much like FTL travel, is one of those things that people very strongly believe is immediately possible and necessary simply because it is featured prominently in science fiction. There are many enormous problems to overcome (if they can be overcome) before we can have a large colony on mars. The gravity issue specifically seems pretty much insoluble.

  38. It sucks how limiting the natural universe is. There is no habitable final frontier unless we can replace ourselves with robots that can adjust to a variety of different gravity levels and configurations and are either insanely patient or can break the laws of physics that govern every naturally occurring structure in the observable universe.

  39. I thought Pope Francis fixed this…

  40. I only see two possible outcomes:

  41. This is what absolute “free speech” acording to authoritarians or would be authoritarians like Trump leads to. Dismantling all regulations to allow social media being overloaded by so much bullshit, that it effectively censors all rational discussions. In the end it only helps fascist regimes like China or Russia what Musk has done to twitter

  42. Never even thought that was a possibility, but when you have a regime with an army of trolls and software bots they can easily just drown out dissent in a heap of spam.

  43. Yeah I paraphrased to change it to the first person. Crucify me (or have the Go-Bots do it)

  44. I may have reworded it. I didn’t actually watch the special.

  45. Middle Eastern politics is full of religious, xenophobic, homophobic, and corrupt regimes. Israel has “good company” with the great modern slave plantations of the Gulf.

  46. Israel turning into just another homophobic Middle Eastern kleptocracy is a dark turn of events.

  47. If we wanna stretch, some russian nobility was part French, so theoretically France also made the Russian Empire

  48. European nobility are generally some combo of German (majority), French, and native. Everywhere in Europe that isn’t German-speaking is technically a settler colony.

  49. Everything in Europe that is, at the very least, not pre-indoeuropean speaking is a settler colony. As in : every single part of Europe except the Basque country.

  50. Indigenous Australians are pretty darn native though. Europe happens to be extra messy as a peninsula attached to Asia and close to North Africa.

  51. Optimism is essential for even the darkest of stories imo

  52. It looks cool and that's what matters

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