1. Yeah I've dropped a bit of cash into upgrades, Eibach lowering springs, Mopar lightweight 18' rims, Borla dual exhaust, Progress 19mm rear sway bar, 5/8th H&R spacers, Goodridge stainless steel brake lines, Mopar performance Pads/slotted rotors, Mopar CAI, Granetelli High Performance Coil paks, Modern Performance Throttle Body/ front strut tower bar. And then a few body mods. Sucks they haven't come out with a legit "tune" for the Dart, would really allow the parts to perform to their full potential

  2. Sheeeeeesh, I just officially got her about a month aho. Have had to do some work but it’s worth it. I’ll get there 🙏🏼

  3. That I can imagine. Lol But that sweater he cannot have put on himself, I guess? 😁😂

  4. It’s been raining all day where I’m at too

  5. It better or my mom is a liar 🤣

  6. If you’re budgeting I definitely recommend NYx, very beautiful color and concept though. It also helps if you put regular eyeshadow (white base or same color) and then apply :)

  7. Buying headlights that already have the LED might help.. I would find someone that can install and program it correctly. Beautiful concept here

  8. uhh!!, imagine all the good perfume, and details being done by someone who has their hands well equipped. Nothing better than having a interior being done by you, and something tells me you will be very good at it :) .

  9. Haha babe been doing it for years:)

  10. known for best interior work where I’m from at my old shop 🥰 I love it

  11. Luckily I did! Haha my best friend helped me

  12. Ok. I’m still in for the hug. Maybe a back rub

  13. Same but I love it. Horror movies are the best!

  14. I do, instead of riding on my motorcycle to work, I'm forced to sit on the bus 🤮

  15. Oh man I’m sorry! Let the warmer days come faster!!

  16. I once walked up to a girl I was dating at a bar. Stood behind her waiting for a drink and just reached down and started fingerings her. Fucked her in a church parking lot that night.

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