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  1. "For womb the bell tolls"

  2. Who is being discriminated against? Certain underrepresented people are given greater representation within the organization to match the current % of representation that exists within the community. Are you saying that a racial population is being oppressed because minorities are taking their spots? Because that’s what racism is, bigotry against or oppression of a specific group of people based on their race.

  3. If someone receives a finite benefit (like college admission) based on their race and not because they were most qualified, that means someone else DID NOT receive that finite benefit based on their race.

  4. Damn I can’t believe you think that anybody not attracted to a specific race is racist. I can’t believe that you think hiring an asian actor for an asian character is racist. I can’t believe that you think a black person wanting a black doctor because white doctors have been proven to overestimate the pain tolerances of black people, is racist. Those are all examples of racial discrimination.

  5. By definition, yeah those things are also "racist".

  6. No one I know that looks like that thinks they are healthy.

  7. Several years ago this was a whole movement. I knew several people who thought their obesity wasn't an issue because the fat acceptance stuff was at it's peak and everywhere. 2 of them are dead now and 1 other had a near death experience and lost the weight

  8. I mean, there are lots of obese of quasi-diabetic Americans who think they're healthy, yes, but that's basically because they have even more obese friends and family to measure themselves by. I don't really think fat acceptance was as mainstream as people think. And remember, people call most actresses and models who aren't borderline starving "fat." Accepting regular bodies is different from calling morbidly obese people healthy.

  9. Both women on the magazines look straight up obese. Maybe not by our American standards, but from a health standpoint they look very unhealthy.

  10. I couldn't finish it. Did he live?

  11. If you can move faster than light, you can time travel. The two are equivalent, from the right reference frame.

  12. Cops are less than useless for any crime that takes actual “police work”. This is why people say DEFUND THE POLICE.

  13. It's funny you reference defunding the police and then mention underfunded police departments

  14. And if he had eaten ramen instead, and saved the Bitcoins until now, how much would those Bitcoins be worth?

  15. The people/businesses who need these barriers aren't buying them out of some crackheads van.

  16. Jesus was in his 30s when he died...

  17. Thats such a texas kind of "solution", would be a lot cooler if he wasnt there in the first place.

  18. Everything about this is stupid. Don't have a Husky in Texas. Maybe use reusable ice packs instead of ice that will be gone in 20 minutes?

  19. Please don't ruin Costco hotdogs for everyone with your greedy shenanigans...

  20. Too late. I went and bought 2. I extrapolated using my ape brain and spent $500 in the store to really stick it to them

  21. 3 season minimums for shows that don't absolutely bomb season 1

  22. Sure you can - just remember the fake name you used. Not like the pharmacy's going to check your ID

  23. That's when they'll get your license plate and identify you though

  24. Walgreens is not going to pull some James Bond shit because you used a fake name to pick up your amoxicillin.

  25. No but a detective will (if you use someone's real identity)

  26. Does that also go for Saban and his criticisms of Fisher?

  27. When confronted with a harsh truth, it's not surprising some mistake it for criticism

  28. Which Biden policies exacerbated those issues?

  29. I'm not interested in debating whether he should or should not have closed pipelines, but closing pipelines definitely has an effect on gas prices

  30. It means Getty uses this picture for their own profit. They should donate this money for a good cause. Someone should make them accountable.

  31. I'm sure they have a slew of accountants

  32. What if you close your eyes while driving. Accidental, or intentional?

  33. Intentionally Knowingly Recklessly Negligently

  34. So you think we should go back to the days of open racial discrimination?

  35. You think we don't already? Schools have been giving preferential treatment to certain races for decades.

  36. Depends where they live. Where I live, we don't have rabies, alongside 30 other countries.

  37. Earth. You live on Earth

  38. The thing is that it's very hard to actually draw a line as to what defines a race. If you looked at a map of the world that was comprised of pictures of 40 year old men arranged based on where they were from, you'd have a difficult time determining where to draw the lines of race.

  39. A rainbow is a spectrum and it's beautiful that we have different colors grouped together in it

  40. If you get nervous, set it to 200 overnight and 225 after you wake up. I do this now sometimes so it won't overcook

  41. My pro-choice-ness is that everything a life is not always murder. I'm fully convinced that life begins at conception (because given a healthy environment, those cells will divide and continue to grow).

  42. The term you're looking for is justifiable homicide

  43. I'm not even attracted to 20 year olds anymore

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