Ace |Full 6 Minute Animation in Comments|[MF] (Eipril)

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  1. If your only goal for some reason is resolve gain and not kills, ditch kenjis shared brew for the bottle of liquid courage with injured resolve gain, and replace the epic half bow with the weightless spirit; I'd replace the extra 30% assassination technique with legendary so you can hold 2 legendariew

  2. I don't have the "bottle of liquid courage" yet and the "30% assassin kill" thing I can't do without merging a weapon to my assassin when I can I'll do that but for not I'll have to try to get the the bottle.

  3. I'm not as experienced to thus game but this seems suboptimal for assassin.

  4. Just a "my only move is my ultimate move" type build where a couple kills gets my the super move

  5. Can someone tell me how to use game guardian on android i download everything from oficial page but ask me for virtual bpx i download parallel space and didn't work

  6. I use dual space instead of parallel it's easier and more simple to boot the app

  7. you should use lightning bolts next time

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