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  1. Some older fridges have high initial draw, change the fixture you’ll be fine.

  2. Can you clarify: is it tripping the GFCI? Or is it tripping the breaker in the box?

  3. It’s tripping the gfci. It is an older fridge, I got it from my in laws & it was working fine. Might just have an electrician come out to be safe

  4. Start fresh out of law school. During law school READ READ READ on marketing. Seriously… that’s the biggest thing. I started out of law school with $1500. Built a website and google presence quickly. My monthly operating expenses were and still are a whopping $200 a month. My partner and I have been blessed with the ability to obtain clients. However we did each read 10 or so books on marketing. Let the lawyering part come to you. Sadly you can be the worst lawyer but if your marketing is on point, you’ll be making a killing. Or you can be the best lawyer with horrible marketing and not be as successful.

  5. How are your operating expenses that low? Malpractice insurance alone should be more than that.

  6. Our state doesn’t require mal practice insurance. Our expenses are low because we are virtual and we only spent on software expenses. Additionally our marketing is another expense that we added like 8 months into practic so we can grow.

  7. Its not the best practice, but I simply ignore them. I will not let a client tell me what to do on demand and drag me around with requests/demands. Once they get the ability to do that they’ll walk all over you.

  8. Free. Anyone I don’t retain I politely ask for a google review. You’d be surprised how many will do it.

  9. Try to get every client you get to leave a review. Additionally after consultations we ask people to leave reviews. You’d be surprised how many you can get from just consultations.

  10. Are you already maxing out other marketing? You can start with $700? I think that’s their lowest budget for paid search

  11. I am, I run direct mail based on arrest records, seo, and have a few bondsmen that send clients consistently. I just was unsure what a healthy starting budget would be for on google ads. I’ve read that the general consensus is that google ads significantly help.

  12. I would lean away from mailers. The kind of person who gets serious criminal charges is not the kind of person who keeps up to date addresses IMO. if it is working, keep working it though

  13. It actually works surprisingly, it brings consistent revenue each month. As a solo I just knew I would have to try every possible marketing route knowing most wouldn’t be worth it. Never know until you try!

  14. I just did mine on my c20. Flat head and hammer to the left to basically take it out.

  15. Nice! I’ve had mine for 8 months. Been a wild ride. Rebuilt the original motor, trans, new suspension & all the brake lines and brake components. I look forward to our first drive

  16. The old guy is right. The rear end has floating axles and it's an 8 lug. Looks like a 1 ton to me.

  17. But didn’t the c20 have the same? Which is a 3/4 ton?

  18. I went solo right after law school, the best class I took was Consumer law. Geez, damn near no Attorney know much about the DTPA. I made a good portion of my revenue from Consumer Law clients. I swear a DTPA Demand letter makes people fork over their wallets. So easy money with out even filing suit.

  19. here i even found a cheaper replacement with a few length options—

  20. The summit kit is for the c10, I think I’ll have to make my own. The old ones were so rusty that they leaked and broke

  21. check out the link i posted, those should work fine with the C20 setup

  22. They do, but those are the lines from the brake cylinder to the actual line below. I replaced those already. Thanks though! Sometimes I wish my c20 was a c10 😑. Lots of parts I get are for the c10

  23. What part of Texas are you in? I’m an attorney and realtor in Texas. I’d be more than happy to assist if you’re near me.

  24. Nice, my firms located in Katy. Feel free to check us out on google. “The Z&P Law Group”. Both myself and the other managing attorney are realtors. Plus we give good gifts to our real estate clients as a bonus.

  25. 1/3rd of my reviews come from quick consultations. You’d be surprised how many people will leave a review after a 5 min call. I typically say this, “Well sir, I am glad I was able to answer your questions and provide the clarity you needed. As always we are here to answer any questions, I would like to kindly ask if you are willing to make a quick google review. They help us out tremendously, if so I can send you a link directly to your phone. Then they all say yes. 8/10 will actually leave one. I try to be short and simple

  26. Keep driving it. People don’t understand that repairing a old vehicle is still cheaper than a new car with a monthly payment. Also new cars require full coverage meaning more in insurance than your current car. I had a 95 toyota that I redid the motor and paint throughout 10 years of ownership. Best car I ever had, plus it hit 300k flawlessly

  27. Poverty isn’t an excuse to not be successful and get an education. Suffer for 4 years getting a good degree so that you will be set for a good life.

  28. That took a lot of courage to do. Thank you for sharing this with me … although I don’t have a “bad boss” per se the caseload is so astronomically high that it might as well be a bad boss situation.

  29. Yeah I understand. My thought process is completely different from most, there’s jobs out there paying more money or the same amount for non lawyer positions. People don’t realize that a JD can get you some amazing jobs that have normal hours and less stress. Screw being just a living body at a firm that slams you with a caseload and screws with you mental health.

  30. I hear a lot about JD non-lawyer jobs but are there really that many out there that don’t require some other skill set like financial background/degree, business, etc…? I am still in school and obviously want to be a lawyer, but I would be open to other possibilities if they were good. Major city in Texas FWIW.

  31. There are a lot of opportunities. Keep in mind that major companies hire individuals with JDs because they know that individual typically has a high level of problem solving and making good decisions. You’ll find lots of opportunities after graduation. I’m in Texas as well

  32. Ask for a two week vacation using your PTO, then after it’s approved put your two weeks in.

  33. Yes, google saddle back leather. You won’t regret buying one. I spent the extra $$ knowing that this will be my first and last brief case. Definitely an eye turner in court.

  34. I have the “Thin Front Pocket Leather Briefcase”. It’s $579, it fits a lot of documents including a laptop. Try waiting til Christmas because I got a free wallet from them that til this day looks brand new. Their quality is unmatched

  35. If you don’t mind salvage title get one from insurance auction. I got my 2019 for $500 & my 2016 for $175. Both were theft. Just put a new ignition.

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