1. Most of my time i spend i spend in Valentine and the Heartlands.

  2. Why doesn't he spawns after chapter 2 anymore 😭 i loved his idiotic storys and the fist fights

  3. He does! I had my fist fight with him in Chapter 3. He'll be back, don't you worry!

  4. In Chapter 2 he spawns many times but as soon as Chapter 3 begins he won't be in Smithfields anymore :(

  5. Same, I always kept it between 2 and 3

  6. Yeah i always keep it lvl 2 - 5 but everything over lvl 5 looks just ugly

  7. I think that Bounty Hunters also have ardenners sometimes if you're Bounty is really high

  8. Andalusian is the only horse that didn't throw me off when i ran into a Grizzly and a dneaky Cougar

  9. Mine would be Mary Beth, she is cute, goodhearted and got cheeks 🍑

  10. Und sobald sie den Führerschein haben machen sie es gar nicht mehr

  11. Finally 🤓screw this Park building trash thats the Dinosaur Game i always wanted

  12. 😂 😂 😂 Still one of the best side missions in the franchise

  13. I don't care if i play as a woman or a dude as long as the game had the typical Rockstar humor and political correctness like every other game nowadays

  14. That’s just the new graphics update, it’ll take some getting used to

  15. Back in rdr1 I could point my weapon at someone and when they drew and fired at me I'd kill them and it would count as self defense. In rdr2 if Arthur breathes the wrong way 30 cops come and execute him. Reminds me of gta v

  16. I believe that because of Gta V the law is this way in RDR2 too. Its funny how much R* cares about little details but at the same times important things like a realistic law, witness and bounty system don't matter for them.

  17. Considering the cops will teleport into the middle of nowhere after I ran over some idiot standing in the middle of the road while on horse back and the next thing I know five or six law men appear from the trees to the south of me.

  18. Yes and as soon you kill those lawman a whole new group comes out of the nowhere to shoot you

  19. Ezio Auditore one of the best Characters that ever got created

  20. The Jurassic Park films and the World films have never been gore fests. PG-13 at most.

  21. 😴Yeah always the same park building crap. Instead of making a Jurassic Game in the Alien Isolation style they only make these park building games. Btw the Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton wasn't very child friendly 👍🏻

  22. Of course the novel is more gore filled but the films are the primary source of the games. Personally, I'd rather not have a blood gore filed survival game where you have to kill dinos like enemies. They aren't enemies, just animals. That's something I really like the newer films and Camp Cretaceous for doing; reminding us that these things aren't monsters, just animals doing animal things and that there's more to them than just "eat, kill, murder." I'd rather care for them and make them happy!

  23. Firstly in Alien Isolation you don't kill you try to survive secondary the Jurassic World movies show the Dinosaurs as monsters more than ever apart from the Giganotosaurus.

  24. I know i'm a dude but i want to hug Arthur so badly

  25. Ain't ever harmful to be held, mister; only most folk find me creepy and strange, which ain't nice.

  26. Arthur was the best gunslinger in the VDL Gang, He was able to win against enemies that were bigger and had more muscles, when he is getting ambushed he still manages to kill anyone, his gun accuracy was fantastic even when he was more dead than alive, Dutch was definitely a better talker but that it i guess.

  27. Ich finde diese Mega langen fake Nägel und Wimpern potthässlich.

  28. Valentine : Smithfields Salon has everything you need + Jon in Chapter 2 (The drunk dude with the racoon hat), you can roast at least 3 - 4 people before you get witnesses (unlike Fuck Denis), Fistfights are always fair if you don't draw your gun, The Sheriff and his deputy help you when you're getting shot at (if you didn't startedthe fight of course), Many Random Encounters

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