It happened: bitcoin just went below its all time high from 2017.

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  1. With all due respect - and I'm being serious - but why would you buy a box of this set, if you have no clue about the card list? There are plenty of websites telling you about this type of card.

  2. Easy....i failed pokemon card collecting in college. I came here for help. Now i know and will be that much smarter thanks to the good members of reddit. As for why i would buy this box? Dont make it more complicated than it is.

  3. This is a Morpeko V union. If you pull it from the Japanese set, it'll always come with those 4 cards so you can piece it together. In English, it's a promo in a collection box.

  4. Ahhh ok thanks. Didn't know what to make of it. This was from a box i got from japan.

  5. Hard to believe. Have you seen the majority of Pokémon fans lol.

  6. wow...this is why i don't feel bad taking peoples money....they want to give it away.

  7. So this is what pokemongo users have been paying for. Brilliant to use our health as an excuse to go out and scan pokestops rather than to stay home and catch Pokémon with incense.

  8. I snapped my fingers countless times however my account still exists.

  9. Just a psa, if yal going into debt to gamble, you really really need to get some assistance.

  10. psa if you are gambling at all then maybe you shouldn't be giving financial advice.

  11. 24k Triple double bonus 3-hand Ultimate x streak. Dealt 4aces with kicker with 4x across all 3 rows. .50 denom bet.

  12. So spend a grand to fly to Seattle to play a game for the sake of meeting like people? This event is more for youtubers who will be paid to go or die hards which i would never want to meet.

  13. Didn't participate.....the game went in the wrong direction. Nerfing the CD time and incense made me feel like i had to work around Niantics schedule and not mine. Last i remember i was paying them to play their game. Looked back at how much i spent in the last 2 years came to about $1700. I hit 46 last month and decided to quit. I realize im just not the demographic that are looking for.....who gives up that revenue?

  14. you don't think that crypto follows similar patterns as the stock market?

  15. Absolutely some overlap, but you don't "need to understand the stock market" to trade crypto.

  16. Agreed.....but not to understand the basic commonalities between the 2 would be uninformed. Maybe I'm an outlier here but when it comes to my money.....i need to know as much as i can.

  17. F that....ill take uber before paying more than invoice for a new car.

  18. I can see that most of you are uneducated peeps. You realize you made this post using china materials

  19. I uninstalled and could care less.....this coming from spending at least $700 in the last year. They struck a nerve with me. GL

  20. Pretty much stopped playing. I wont miss out on anything. I'm sure when or if i return......all the pokemon i miss out will still be accessible. Ill just have more money in the bank is all.

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