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  1. The phrase I use with my hubby is How can I miss you if you don't go away?

  2. I love being alone! Just wouldn't tell my spouse to "get out" of his house. I'd compromise.

  3. Yeah. If I use the question he knows I'm craving some alone time. I lived on my own for over a decade before we moved in together. He's 8 years younger & always lived with people. When our relationship was new he didn't understand the beauty if time alone but after a night alone a few years down the line he was like "ohhhh. Now I understand" it was so adorable 😊

  4. Yeah. I guess my guy is just good at reading me, cuz I don't have to play games or ask him to leave our house. I get enough alone time I feel great being around him. 12 years and counting.

  5. You can ask her prior to sex if she can tell you when she's going to cum. You can ask her after sex if she came or if there's a position/technique you can try with your mouth and hands to get her off.

  6. yeah i might leave because she doesnt lick my asshole

  7. Both genders have assholes. Your comparison is no good.

  8. Says the person thinking they're a "pro" at life and giving this super (/s) hot tip... Interesting.

  9. How does the window open? I bought a roll of "window frosting" on amazon, for my front windows. But if your windows slide open ( mine crank ) it wouldn't be as effective. How about a sheer curtain? At least it would give you a bit more privacy.

  10. Oh my god, nothing ever warrants revenge porn. You most likely committed a crime (in certain states) by sending someone's nudes to someone else without consent.

  11. Lost all good vibes when I read that. Absolutely agree with you saying it's "horrific". Not something you can breeze past. You don't just get to commit crime because you got cheated on.

  12. Try to pay for something using american currency (Canada). You'd be surprised how many tourists think that it will be accepted here.

  13. In my province, when I worked retail (10ish years ago) we had a button on our registers to take U.S currency. And we accepted it no problem.

  14. I mean this nicely, but men are more vain with looks than women. She cuddled up to you, her safe space, and told you she loved you while she was also in her most vulnerable state (naked and open). Women get off on connection, vibe, banter, fun... Before whatever your chest looks like. It's just so low on the list when you're looking for an amazing man who makes you feel happy and good at life.

  15. Do you bring it around with you wherever you go? Or was it just a coincidence?

  16. I have generalized anxiety disorder and I have never treated anyone like that. I get people experience things differently, but being extremely aggressive is usually not a part of it. She sounds like a rude person who justifies herself by blaming anything else (e.g., you, her anxiety). This is how she is, and this is what your life will look like as long as you keep dating her. Think about it, because you deserve more than that.

  17. I have generalized anxiety disorder, I've worked for years in cognitive behaviour therapy and behavioral therapies.

  18. I do get that. I even said that people's are different. I get having a fit in the moment that's totally fine, but the fact that after it's happened and she's calmed down all she says is "Its your fault because you made me mad"....that's not anxiety, thats blame shifting.

  19. I'm just responding to your comment that "extreme aggression usually isn't part of it". Cuz.... It's not accurate.

  20. Do you have an otherwise good relationship with your family? Maybe they just really want you to be happy (and for them that's how they see 'happy' in a romantic relationship). Can you sit them down and tell them that your love languages are both being fully met? Would it ease their minds, you think?

  21. I would like to have a more in depth relationship with a woman but I haven't had any luck, part of the problem is my room mate situation, last 2 girls I started getting to know basically told me that they don't date guys who don't have their own place.

  22. Right, that's what I said. Take control of your personal circumstances if you're serious about finding a partner. If not, cool! Hire the escort, that works too.

  23. It's very odd. I don't live in America, but I know for certain if my spouse thought he broke my nose, he'd be packing me into the car to get to the ER asap.

  24. He did say “if you think it’s actually broken I’ll take you to the ER” and I said my insurance isn’t great so we’ll go to the GP tomorrow. He then replied with you need to stop crying

  25. Yeahhh, that's too cold for me. That's not a real offer to help you, it's like saying "I don't want to, but if you're making me deal... I guess I will."

  26. Did you sleep together more than once? Two weeks after sex is pretty quick to know. How pregnant is she now? You been to doctors appointments with her? (You're sure she's pregnant, and it's yours?)

  27. Few inches for sure... But I feel the pleasure and orgasm inside me, not on the clit

  28. Ok, so you like being "extra stuffed" (do penis lack the girth to get the same kinda pressure on the inside?). You can try the penis sleeve idea then

  29. Oh, you said penetration... Humping against it is implying grinding. How much of the soft pillow actually goes inside the vagina? (Few inches? Not even an inch?

  30. I was banned because I told a woman--who was proposing that all boys should have mandatory vasectomies until they are married and their wife approves of a reversal--to go fuck herself. This was in a thread about abortion rights and body autonomy. Unbelievable.

  31. Well.. that doesn't sound like a real suggestion, so it's weird to just tell someone to fuck themselves... It sounds more a tounge-in-cheek comment about what's happening with women's bodily rights in the USA.

  32. Why do they like it? I don’t see how it’s any different from me full blown farting during sex.

  33. Your vagina (where the queef happens) is a cul-de-sac. Your anus (where the fart happens, is a tract that runs through your while body to the mouth). Your anus excretes waste. That's why it stinks when you fart.

  34. Sorry, you want him to tell you each time he wants to, and you'll make him wait till the end of the day or something? Just clarifying from your original post. One is "free use" and one is "orgasm denial".

  35. If your inbox has hundreds of messages you are drowning in offers even if all of them except one are shit and not what you are after.

  36. Hundreds? Noope. And what I'm saying is the genuine guys do stand out past the other dozen horny messages.

  37. I’m just parroting what I’ve heard women say online, like that they’d open their messages and just quit the site altogether from too many messages and stuff like that.

  38. Wasn't try to argue with you, just explaining further that I wasn't saying "women have it worse" at all. More "how to stand out from the (much less than hundreds.. unless you're like a cam girl or you posted nudes of yourself or something?) douche bags". Have a nice day!

  39. All we can do is take a guess, cuz we aren't your husband.

  40. When I read the title, I instinctively smiled.

  41. Okay so how do you feel when you watch the porn? For me (f) I really enjoy watching men cum. Seeing their facial expressions, hearing them make some noise.

  42. Whenever I told my ex that I usually used more pressure on my clit, well it looked like he had heard me but would never say anything to me. So I don't really know what he was thinking and eventually we just stopped talking about it.

  43. Okay so, there's nothing wrong with you. You guys didn't align in the sex department so it's good he's an ex.

  44. I used to get puffy red eyes, instant itch all over my body.

  45. So, if he came in her without her consent... He should be buying the plan b?

  46. Yet you still feel like her allowance of him being in her without a condom makes her equal blame, according to your last comment.

  47. Look, therapy never hurts while you're greiving.

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