1. Not sure your size but I have an large mens autumn of the seraphs shirt from a show back in the olden days and a womens medium Penelope fish shirt from way way back in ancient times. I might part with them if there is interest and the price is right. I never wear them but never really considered getting rid of them either. Hopefully you can catch them on tour and score some as well!

  2. This is absolutely insane. I love it. The photo of the woman is incredible. What developer did you use? It looks so sick.

  3. I also wonder if that's an effect of expired tmax...I have a few rolls left, all expired. I also have a roll of expired infrared HIE. Your image inspires me to want to use them.

  4. you should! the film had been effected by moisture and had the Kodak numbers imprinted on some of the shots and a weird speckle grain

  5. What did you develop it in? It has an HC-110 look to it as well.

  6. what causes this im new to photography and i accidently did this

  7. I advance the film twice so I get an extra shot therefore one is a half frame, as the rest of the film is exposed to light

  8. I think I mentioned on another post like 7-8 years ago I got a sweet deal on eBay for this shirt for like 30 dollars. It’s an original too. Not a reprint and from the figure 8 tour. Some guy bought it at one of his tour stops in the Midwest and I guess was just looking to make some quick cash. I was so happy cause the price of this shirt is just insane now!

  9. they don’t spend long enough on each character, they shift between story lines too quickly just as you start to become invested in one deeply

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