1. You are allowed in the dispensary sales floor to purchase as long as you have days/units available to purchase. If you are out of days but a cultivator/vendor is doing a Patient Education Day (PED or pop up), most dispensaries will let you in the lobby to chat with them, but you won’t be allowed onto the sales floor until your days reset.

  2. It used to be more complicated until 1/3/22 when Tier 1 and Tier 2 flower cost different days. Tier 2 flower used up twice the amount of days as Tier 1 for the same tenth of an ounce.

  3. Make sure that your RSO is labeled for “vaporization” to conserve on days. If it’s labeled as an edible, it will ‘eat up’ your days quickly. (But don’t vape it. Just don’t. It’s not a great experience.)

  4. The only State insurance we have in Ohio is Medicaid. You can find more information here:

  5. Well I love the 1906 tablets however our state decided that they didn't fit the definition they were approved for so once they exhaust the current stock's that's that. I joined our program for the legal protections and of course the access to cannabis products and it saddens me to finally find one that works only to be denied access.

  6. I too chewed it, and I’m not shocked to see others have as well.

  7. When I chewed it, I was shocked. It I still couldn’t tell what the wattage was.

  8. Amplify Coventry Village in Cleveland will stack your discounts.

  9. If you have a PTSD diagnosis, you will qualify. And a few of Ohio’s providers can give you the PTSD diagnosis during your visit if they deem appropriate. Here’s a list of a few doctors that can do recommendations. Also, don’t let anyone sell you a hard copy of your card. You can print your own, or show your virtual card on your phone, and MOST dispensaries will make you a laminated card for free. I was not aware of this and ended up wasting $20 on a plastic card. After your appointment for your Recommendation, you will also need to pay the state $50 for your license. Be prepared to spend at least $150 total before heading out to a dispensary. I’ve listed a few of the most recommended providers with their New Patient and Renewal rates. New Patient means “new to the Ohio program”, so if you change to a different provider next year, you should only be charged the Renewal rate.

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH, i think ill take a look at mymedicine llc and see if they could do a diagnosis, if not then ill probably try cannabis connection. in the future im definitely interested in trying green harvest for renewals, seems very helpful. if i cant get a diagnosis from an ohio provider then i’ll probably make an appointment with cleveland clinic. much appreciated

  11. Also, many of us in the community are more than happy to share information about products available in Ohio, and how to use them for your needs. So if cost is a huge issue, don’t stress about not signing up for the free follow-up visits. We got your back. Welcome to the community.

  12. You’re very welcome! A few more things to keep in mind… your diagnosis does not determine what kinds or how much product you will have access to. This means every patient has the same access to all products in the program, with the same daily limits. For example, patients with PTSD will have access to topical products as well as a patient with Sickle Cell Anemia. So you might already have a qualifying condition outside of the one you are trying to treat.

  13. Whether it’s alcohol or oil, a tincture no matter the base is still mostly an edible with sublingual ability. Oil is usually preferred as a base as it improves bioavailability because the cannabinoids perform better when bound to a fat. MCT and coconut oil are preferred over olive oils mostly because of the taste and sometimes acidic feeling burn.

  14. What your Ohio card allows is the ability to purchase from both the Medical and Rec/Adult-use sides of their programs. Depending on what you get, that will also affect how you’re taxed, and how much you can purchase in a single day (Max out what you can get from both sides instead of just the Adult-use side). I’ve been to Amazing Budz and Information Entropy. AB had both Medical and Adult-use. IE is only Adult-use but has some nice in-house product. Just remember that what you get in Michigan is supposed to stay in Michigan.

  15. There was a system update released in the last few days. I would try applying the system update, then making sure to update the Bravia Core app. If that doesn’t work, contact support.

  16. What's the brand? I have not seen the containers with baskets like that.

  17. Ugh… mid fetas are such schwag… only that heady “fetZa” for me! 😎

  18. People keep posting about this. Can someone just say the date…. Soon is getting a little redundant at this point

  19. I keep my Ohio Medical Card to stay "legal," and to have options, should I need to buy from a local MSO.

  20. You should contact them and let them know. They have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  21. Whenever I have a flare up like that, I have to take high doses of CBD tincture (500mg), RSO, and a CBD bath bomb (200mg) and helps take the edge off. That or take 900mg Gabapentin, take an 8 hour nap, and hope it didn’t make me feel worse when I get up. But this is assuming you have a diagnosis from your doc.

  22. I’ll have to try out some CBD! I ruled out arthritis, lupus, thyroid, and neck/back issues. The rheumatologist I went to wrote me off and wasn’t interested in diagnosing or treating fibromyalgia. My family doctor based on my pain logs and test results believes I may have fibro. So I have a sort of diagnosis lol.

  23. The “best” part about fibro is that it’s slightly different for everyone. If your Primary Care suspects it, but your Rheumatologist says no, get a second opinion from another Rheumatologist.

  24. I had a 55” X90K for about a week. I tired everything to make it work. When looking straightforward, you don’t notice the blooming. But as soon as you sit next to the person sitting center axis, the color and contrast go out the window and the bloom is so noticeable it was actually giving me a headache. It was so bad that I took it back.

  25. Have you tried the same battery with another pod? Have you tried the pod on a different battery? It’s also possible that the heating element on the pod was defective and shorted out. If other pods work with that battery, then report it to Klutch as a defective pod, and they should refund you.

  26. Sorry I’m a newbie, what are those supposed to do?

  27. Terpenes are what give you the entourage effect with your medication, and help drive the feeling and effects for that plant or strain.

  28. Are you sure that’s the low watt battery? The Yellow one you show is listed at 8.5W, and the Orange ones (same as your pod package) is the one listed at 6W.

  29. Can someone explain to me what the difference is between distillate and live resin? Or route me to a resource that explains it? Sorry, I’m very much a beginner and would like to try and get up to speed. Also, are luster pods mostly universal to batteries? Are there any brands that would not work in the Grow Ohio battery?

  30. Any cart/pod is meant to have a matching battery, regardless of brand.

  31. The packs you got are kinda like a “discrete dose” or trial pack. Larger count containers that have 10-30 per tube, depending on which one you’re wanting, are available and take up 1-3 days. Those should help out on day allotments if you like using these.

  32. The 420 Live Show by Ohiocannabislive - December 12, 2022

  33. RSO would be the most potent and cost effective way if normal edibles work for you.

  34. They’re hit or miss, and usually gets the job done. I’m not sure if it’s my metabolism, a strain incompatibility, or a tolerance issue for me sometimes. But they do offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of their products, so if you end up not happy with it, they’ll definitely refund you your money. I’ve received both deposit and gift card refunds from them.

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