1. You're better off getting a battery for carts with adjustable voltage like the yocan uni pro. I set the klutch 510s to around 2.2-2.4v and they taste amazing without making me cough at all. Otherwise with luster pods you'll need to take pretty small sips because they cannot be adjusted.

  2. I would have to agree with this. I always cough with anything, but low voltage on 510, or very short 2-3 second SIPS (not hard full-on rips) and I have the least amount of irritation.

  3. If you have documented IBS, then you qualify under “chronic and intractable pain”. 👍

  4. Take your total terpene content, divide by total THC content, then move the decimal over 2 places for the % of terpenes. If it’s over 4-5% it’s likely gonna give you terp burn which is why your lungs feel compressed/collapsed.

  5. Terp burn?? This is a thing? That would explain why Klutch LR hits me like a truck! I didn’t think high terpene content would cause that.

  6. Yep! Terpenes are extremely volatile and are natural irritants to your tissue so when they are in large enough quantities they irritate your lungs,throat,mouth.

  7. I feel you on this. Not from certified, but I have gotten two carts I’ve wondered whether were full. Let us know what they say. If it’s “supposed” to look like that they really should use a cart that fits it. Simply for the fact that we have no other way to measure it besides looks.

  8. The extra headspace is because Ohio limits the daily amount of oil at 0.84g, while carts are manufactured in 0.5g, 1.0g, and 1.25g sizes. If they fill past the 0.84g amount, the cart will then count as a 2 day cart.

  9. The 0.5g carts will look pretty full, while the 0.84g carts will look about half full. The reason is that the cart used is meant to hold at least a full gram. If it’s a CCELL cart, then it’s meant to hold 1.25 grams. In addition to that, the wick and ceramic coil at the bottom are thirsty and will absorb at least 0.15g. According to Klutch, a 0.84g cart will look 55% full.

  10. Thanks to you all for your most helpful and rapid answers!

  11. Some of us may bicker at times, but all of us always come together when someone is in need. Welcome to the community!

  12. Ohio medical marijuana registry. They have all the process information. It will cost 50$. her having power of attorney does nothing in this situation. They just want your money

  13. not dumb, just confused is all.. just gotta pay attention to the mg/g part of the results.

  14. Exactly. There’s so much math involved. This is also why nutrition labels are confusing too. 😂

  15. Does it mean 1.25 per gram of actual weight. If so it would be 101.35 so It would be lot closer to the 101.5 that it says on the package.

  16. Yes. 100mg THC 10 pack will give you 10mg THC per Gummy.

  17. Tell them what? That the PLANT that no pesticides are used on had a singular fly wing on it?

  18. Tbh it seems like they are just clearing old product

  19. They added new product to the inventory for the sale today.

  20. Harvest has Rom Widow and that’s the closest I’ve seen. It’s tastes like the widow I remember from back in the day

  21. I got some of this and I have to save it for nights I can’t sleep. A few small puffs and it’s lights out.

  22. You can tell the smell and terpene freshness from looking through glass?

  23. I’m just saying you can’t tell anything from “bag appeal” only. One container can have small buds that look terrible, but has AMAZING product. Another container has GREAT looking nugs, but has zero effects.

  24. Haven’t opened yet I have cannibinoid hypermesis so don’t know when I can hoping in morning god willing

  25. Oh no! I’m so sorry you have CHS. I’ve heard the symptoms are terrible.

  26. Gelato made me giggle. GG4 made me sleepy. GMO Cookies did nothing for me.

  27. They didn’t miss the deadline. They made the deadline. Within minute the state decided 80k of them didn’t count and gave them a 14 day extension. They turned in the rest of the signatures within that timeframe and they were accepted. The head of the state senate said “I will never allow marijuana legalization to be voted on while I’m in charge of the state senate” and the petitioners applied to sue the state over sitting on it. Then gop lawyers counter sued saying “actually, that 14 day extension we gave you was illegal because the final day was 8 days before the session started and the law says you can’t submit less than 10 days before. So accept that it’ll be on the 2023 ballot or we wipe the first round of signatures and you gotta start at 0 again and the over $1million you spent was wasted.”

  28. That looks like a tasty pod! Peel off that sticker for a Spotify Playlist.

  29. They used to have them on their flower labels too. Then Ohio said it was against marketing rules or something so they had to cover them up. I think they still have a link to all their playlists on the website.

  30. The text they sent yesterday said locally grown but the one they sent earlier didn't state any specific brand.

  31. Dayton and London. All Locally Grown brand strains. One half per day.

  32. Most vape products not from a medical dispensary tend to irritate my lungs. 🥲

  33. What’s even more insane is that dispos still make a huge profit on product that’s “discounted” since they already have anywhere between 100-500% markup.

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