What is the most important lesson learnt from Covid-19?

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  1. Is there a salvation army near you? The one near me is always affordable.

  2. The climate crisis is going to be so much worse than I thought. I foolishly believed people would calmly if begrudgingly adapt to a more constrained way of life in forced to for the greater good or survival. What a moron I was.

  3. Be mindful that everything is temporary. Everything from small inconveniences to major drawbacks, from big events to the 'little things' and life itself, all of them will end on their own, so why rush when you can savour?

  4. There's a shop just down the road from me that sells home made ice cream in all kinds of cool flavours.

  5. You could make a neckpiece that is padded to create the illusion of an S-Curve. It wouldn't look terribly long, but it would at least give the illusion of some length while keeping the traditional head placement and construction.

  6. Several scale plates down the actual neck piece (like the part that hangs down to cover where there head meets the suit) instead of just a few big ones

  7. I'm having trouble visualizing that. Do you have a picture or diagram?

  8. Me. I'm not semi successful, I'm just unsuccessful 😅 I'm struggling financially, mentally, and can't get a job. I never saw CF as a gateway into a particularly successful or luxurious lifestyle. I simply don't want kids. Unfortunately I have other adult problems to deal with that have nothing to do with my CF status 😓 at least I don't have to worry about raising a whole human lol

  9. I can do what I want. So small but so glorious! I want to go for a walk on a nice night? Off I go, no worries about a napping kid. I want to go out all day? I can, no need for a sitter, clunky stroller or begging brat. I want junk food? All mine, no one asking for mine.

  10. The post reads like she left the passport and other things behind, not that they stole it. What am I missing?

  11. There are relationships call queer platonic relationships. Neither sexual nor romantic but more intimate that just friends. So I guess an AroAce lesbian is a woman who wants a queer platonic relationship with a woman. You can have a preference for a specific gender without being attracted to that gender. It must have to so with the innate differences between the genders.

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