1. I think if they changed the headlights completely and the front bumper a bit, it would could be sick.

  2. Explosive arrow is one of the most OP abilities in the entire game, when built right.

  3. Lesson learned, show difficulty in settings after so you don't get butt hurt petulant children screaming in your comments lol

  4. Cheating because regera and chiron speed cap removal and traffic disabler (although traffic thing only work on single player).

  5. Is the traffic thing optional? Tbh everything is amazing for my taste except that, just curious. Thanks

  6. I didn’t mind too much that Jazz was the cover athlete but what the fuck is that pose?

  7. A swaggy youthful signal for the children lol

  8. I find that one to be one of the easier in that arena tbh. Explode some domes with draupnir and watch out for the lion dog thing at the end, fairly easy to take down from a distance

  9. I mean… it’s been given on the playlist and you also can win one easily with the midnight battles.

  10. What are midnight battles? Took a long FH break and trying to catch up on some things?

  11. Tbh this person sounds kind of insufferable

  12. Do cops not just spawn in front of you? I can't go down any road without one or two popping up. I got caught in between an undercover, a Raptor, and a helicopter during my fifth near escape of the same chase while they all came down separate directions of an intersection

  13. The key is the auxiliary upgrade that doubles cop detection time. If you get that, you can drive passed cops at like 70mph and they won't even come close to detecting.

  14. God FC6 sucked. I had good fun with it for the first area but then it became so repetitive and mundane I couldn't continue.

  15. I'm sure a basic response but the quest where you first use Ghost Stance. That was a high point for me in the game.

  16. Building is amazing but the path could be aligned.

  17. His Twitter suspension was for misgendering Elliot Page and calling Elliott's doctor a criminal for performing gender affirmation surgery:

  18. So you're for compelled speech. Got it.

  19. That is completely beside the point. Try and follow along.

  20. nah when i fought one was always throwing spells and the other was fighting freya

  21. If you engage them they attack you more frequently. Ignore them they don't do as much

  22. Yes, exactly. Devs talked about it in the last game.

  23. Please for the love of God, mods please sticky one if the six thousand of these posts with the answer to the sub

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