3 Sherman shepherds killed my cat

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  1. Nightmare Survival would be my guess at most active.

  2. Sword sheathing is definitely worth it. It's too much fun to fucking wapow your speed after massacring a bunch of enemies and then smoothly putting your sword away.

  3. Not my point. It doesn't hinder gameplay at all to not manually sheathe. Seems like a silly reason to not play the game for days because of it if thats literally the only reason.

  4. Being incapable of ending a fight without cleaning my sword is worth the wait imo

  5. Patience almost always pays off after a collection release. The buzz dies, demand goes down, more cards get released.

  6. Every available one of those I've pulled only golds.

  7. Got ALL golds in every single one of my “Ballin out of Control” packs… so stupid 😂

  8. Man same... every available one of these packs was straight golds lmfao.

  9. I've opened every available one of those ballin out of control packs and gotten ONLY golds on all of them lmao..

  10. This post is the most toxic thing I’ve seen in this community, to be honest. Do you have any actual examples? Or what do you mean when you say people are treating noobs like shit?

  11. I'm guessing OP is referring that ONE post about low ki players a few days ago lol..

  12. I agree with the sentiment but tbh I've only seen that one post in any recent time about low ki players in nightmare and it was days ago.

  13. Meh, its a good way for people to get a boost in gear. I really don't mind. Its a 10-15 minute round max and its soloable most of the time anyways.

  14. I agree fully with your statement, as I posted a similar thing. When stuff died in seconds, it’s just not fun. In nightmare or plat survival, when people leave, I choose to not join matchmaking because I would rather 2 man it.

  15. Precisely, had a great 3 man random NMS last night and it was awesome.

  16. The timing on her Valhalla! jumps is way off. And it's the only time you can hit her. Worst Valkyrie in the game. Not fun. Just annoying.

  17. Salty and objectively wrong. A beautiful combo. I don't do this often but I think you deserve it.. git gud

  18. I swear SDS has dedicated my account as a base round only puller. Every flash sale, all Hrd, All star, and every single intense pack and I've never pulled better than base, not even a mid.

  19. Think about how much you've spent on those packs, and if you instead bought straight off the market during the flashes you get:

  20. Funny enough.. after complaining on reddit.. I just got rare round HRD and got myself HRD Julio and now I feel redeemed.

  21. Yes 100% understand its a gamble to potentially make profit. I get the risk im just surprised I've never had one good roll. This goes for packs outside of flash sales also.

  22. I'm fucking distraught. My most anticipated game in awhile.

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