1. As someone eyeball deep in ML, it's really good at obvious things and "given a bunch of stuff that looks like X, find me other things that look like X". I see a lot potential in radiology to get the easiest 50% of cases right away and then flag the other half for "needs human review".

  2. MTG serving SOTU c*nty ice queen in that all white outfit with the fur collar...kind of serving

  3. In the future, please use Alphabet-Mafia for shitposts like this

  4. There was that TradCath weirdo Schleinga or whatever his fucking name was who kept getting platformed and stickied by the mods for years until he finally got banned cause his transphobia got too apparent. This sub's mods at the time were desperate for conservative viewpoints and liked him because he could wax poetic for 4 pages and not say anything. (Comes with being a philosophy PhD candidate I guess.)

  5. That ended more than 4 years ago, the mod team has shifted left socially since then

  6. Looks great, although I echo the opinion that that does seem like a lot of lemon juice. Also, I find your lack of outer sleeves on your records offensive.

  7. It's a lot, but it's really sweet and really intense flavors so it needs a lot of acid to balance. It tastes roughly like being punched in the face.

  8. It sounds like a drink my girlfriend would enjoy, she loves sweet and floral things.

  9. About 200, and I listen to them on a regular rotation. The only ones I have sleeved are all 4 Christopher Tin symphonies and Blackout by DwD and that's because those are signed.

  10. I think there is and its based on wine sommelier. I'm pretty sure it's been proven.

  11. Proven is a strong word, but while the average man and woman have about the same tasting skill, the top 10% of women is noticeably better than the top 10% of men.

  12. You may not remember when an insurance company got caught because they had a policy of investigating any insured who was diagnosed breast cancer. They specifically looked for reasons to cancel their policy. This was pre-Affordable Care Act, so I hope that the practice has stopped, but I’m not holding my breath. Just evil.

  13. Yes, but then I'm just making a marg riff. I wanted to be in the land of old fashioned riff

  14. SRD has posts about purdue, Boardgames, and neoliberal on its front page. Stop stalking me SRD!

  15. La bamba,a place that sold calzones,where Jimmy John's is at now

  16. What are you doing in Biotech/Pharma? I'm doing health-tech right now with an MS CS. Just curious because my UG was Econ/Minor Maths and my first love was OR lol.

  17. I wrangle computational scientists, handle scalability of computational experimentation, and run our ML Operations (not modeling, but deployment, containerization, and tooling).

  18. Oh I am very very tempted. I just don’t know what kind of job I can get with just a biology masters.

  19. Lots of stuff in biotech/pharma. With a masters you go in as either a jr. scientist or a mid-level research associate. Pays ~90k TC in the Boston area

  20. Is 20% the standard for tattoos? I never know what to do in those situations

  21. 10-20% or just rounding to the next 100 for flash thats 75 or 150

  22. I think some of it is that the integrative medicine providers “speak their language” which is reinforced by the patients beliefs which are influenced by social media. Chemotherapy and radiation is Toxic to your body, and you can Marshall your body to fight the cancer. Also, the patients don’t understand doubling time, or statistics usually. Finally, the patients don’t get to hear about these case failures, as we can’t just write about them on SM.

  23. That's actually why I'm excited about the next generation of immune engineering therapies. You can explain them to patients as "teaching your body how to fight cancer" and that should spook them less than chemo/radiation

  24. Friend of mine got into law school with a full scholarship. What would be an appropriate gift?

  25. I can't imagine ever paying for Acela over the northeast regional.

  26. If you're booking a few months out it's like $20 more and a lot more comfortable, never mind 20-40 minutes faster to NYC

  27. Thanks for this post, I'm going to a Bordeaux tasting on Sunday and this helps my newbie ass.

  28. I've always thought Bordeaux was overrated. Not that it's bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it just gas such a reputation when I think a good Côtes du Rhône can go head to head with a Bordeaux any day of the week.

  29. They're just really different wines. Bordeaux is lean and goes well with winter food, CdR is jammy and opulent and does better with fall stews and roasts

  30. What is it: A 2020 White Bordeaux made from both Sauvignon Blanc (65%) and Semillon (35%). 10 months in barrels, 25% new. I find red Carbonnieux to be great value for money, but let's see how their white does.

  31. Second petition: mod me to have a second female voice to help monitor uncivil discussions about women.

  32. Deadly. The level of discourse in this community has progressively degraded in relation to women’s issues, and as a result several users have disengaged due to the negative environment echoed by the vocal male majority. Some moderators pinged herein may feel similarly and are also in various levels of disengagement.

  33. It's not 100% of the way there, but we go from ~100k units short to 10-30k units short. It won't be enough construction to get rent to go down, but it will be enough to get rent to go up a lot less than the current 5%/year average.

  34. Thing is, as long as you indiscriminately raise height limits, almost all NIMBYs will benefit too, as the potential occupancy of whatever footprint they own will increase. The problem is when you make height increases a case-by-case basis, which will just lead to more corruption incentives at the zoning board and reward shady developers.

  35. Also when developers buy out space to put a mid/high rise in, they tend to pay 10-25% over market to get you to fuck off and go away. It's a great place to be if you own property in an area that should be denser.

  36. Just got back from the Boston NL meetup, good turnout! Had fun talking to people, it was nice to meet you

  37. MBTA running shuttles this weekend and next from North Station past Haymarket. Absolute shitshow with other weekend traffic milling around.

  38. Because it takes a few hours to load in/load out equipment. If you do it overnight, you get 2-3 actual working hours despite 8 hours of doing things

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