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  1. Yup! It was released before the show too. The creators of the musical are Australian and it seems to be only be Australia. You can find a clip or two on YouTube and Vimeo. There's two filmed songs on Vimeo, All Living Things, and This Perfect Place.

  2. Wtf??? Dump her NOW! She can’t say that too you! You are not “messed up” you are beautiful and your friend doesn’t sound like a good person. You deserve better💗

  3. You sound like a perfect example platoniromantic, i.e. confuse platonic and romantic attractions

  4. Sounds like you’re experiencing platonic attraction to me. I’ve experienced something similar to that a couple years ago and thought it was a crush but, now that I think about it, it definitely wasn’t. I would look more into “Tertiary Attraction” to see if you relate to anything involved in it?

  5. Yes! I want to be able to speak with gender natural terms in Swedish!

  6. im now convinced im actually peridot- bc like, i act a lot like her, shes my birthstone, AND SHES ACE??? i dont need anymore proof

  7. I don't get to see much of my orientation and it feels enhappifying

  8. Maybe there’s a reason my identity has changed 6073523 times

  9. Look up “Moominland in the Mirror” and “The Little Book of Daffodils” on AO3, it’s good stuff!

  10. i don't have any specific fics in mind, but ao3 is a nice place to look for some!

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