1. Only the rings made with Sauron’s help conferred invisibility, so the Great Rings minus the Three.

  2. Even the Nine did not, not in the way the One did at least. The Nazgul became what they were due to their bodies permanently fading, as a result of living so much longer than mortals were intended to.

  3. Did Sauron know about the Three? As in know that there were three such rings of that particular quality? I thought they were forged without his knowledge once the elves realised he was evil.

  4. They made them on their own, but they were not so utterly stupid as to have made them after finding out who Sauron really was. Gil-Galad and Galadriel were suspicious of him, but nothing more until Sauron put on the One Ring and the bearers of the Three realized they had been tricked, taking them off until after Sauron lost the One.

  5. I love how following your moral nature and choose not to do genocide would make you get labeled as chaotic.

  6. I mean it's Dungeons and Dragons style of law/neutral/chaos. With good/evil separated. It's about whether you follow the law/orders, regardless of whether or not they are moral.

  7. Hello, friend! I'm sorry that some people are rude as hell. Thank you for posting in English even though you are still learning. 🤗 I truly appreciate your confidence in my country's military power. You have my respect and I wish you success. 💗 from 🇺🇲

  8. He's a psychopath who deserves much worse treatment, for wanting something to happen that would kill us all.

  9. Samurai Cop no contest! (Son of a bitches!)

  10. I only knew about it because I was a kid when both had cartoons on TV, always did prefer Garfield when it came to those.

  11. Ah I see. So he made the other rings but not just his own by this time?

  12. No. The making of all the Rings led to the 'War of the Elves and Sauron'. This was almost 2,000 years before the Fall of Numenor. Sauron almost defeated the Elves in that war, but Gil-Galad asked for and got help from the Numenoreans. A Numenor still ruled by the Faithful at that time, before they began to get corrupted.

  13. If you retreat from the entire palace, you have to redo it all, only change being the few story battles being replaced with generic enemies. The only exception comes after you cleared it, when you get the ability to craft guidebooks that let you skip portions of it (one for 1-25, one for 26-50, and one for 51-75).

  14. What you mean you learned that today?? Yall have no history lessons at school?!

  15. We do, idiot. School history lessons, at least pre-college, don't go into the details of the formation of the Nazi party though. At least when I went to school, they generally did not make it to World War 2 or only went over very quickly. While I was aware of the stuff in the post, I only knew about that from reading about stuff like on my own, unconnected to school.

  16. Do any works mention any specific Valar’s dealings with the East?

  17. No. Tolkien chose to write almost nothing about the East/South. Unless you count Cuivienen.

  18. There is a variation on the Lord ending that requires high enough CF for the Galgastani, Wallister and Bakram. Other than those two things, it isn't that important.

  19. No, this is an idiotic point. Find something actually intelligent to criticize them about.

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