1. It's surprising how early they've run out, you'd have thought they'd do a big restock ahead of christmas.

  2. There is a patrol button, when you select a fleet you can choose a path for it and it will loop that path

  3. Would highly reccomend posting your profile for review on here, when I was dating I used to compare apps with girls and IMO 80%+ of guys had terrible profiles regardless of their looks, which kills your success rate.

  4. Most people have "terrible" profiles is simply them not being attractive enough lmao.Men on tinder are 80%,women are like 20% what makes you think fixing angles and lighting on an average looking dude will make him hotter than the dozen or so conventially attractive jacked guys already in the girl's dms lmfao.Yall gaslight people so much it's wild

  5. Interesting, what kinds of discounts are you talking about? Theoretically I should save ~33% being in the lower tax band, but people are telling me "you won't save as much as you think", but can't tell me why.

  6. Could you elaborate please, how did these stack?

  7. The voucher is for the value of the bike, when ordering you can enter discount codes like a normal purchase.

  8. "Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that's why I poo on company time"

  9. Yes this is fairly standard for those without signifcant means of their own (i.e. Students)

  10. Thanks for the reply, Each of us needs to have our own or a single guarantor won't work for all the three?

  11. If you have a guarantor who is happy and has the means to support all of you, I don't see why it would be an issue, but if you're unrelated I'm not sure how you would find that person?

  12. I think some of my old phones would still have a bunch of vids/photos but I haven't turned them on in years.

  13. I fucked my manager at work and went to her wedding in the same year.

  14. How do you compromise when it comes to frequency without the lower libido partner feeling like they're doing something because "they have to"?

  15. Right… so when there where massive protests it impacted policy but these nationwide ones won’t? Okay Tory

  16. Must have missed the time we didn't invade iraq because of a succesful protest.

  17. I do understand your apathy as everything is such a massive shit show atm, but this is something you can literally just ignore if you don't think it's effective, why do you have to shit on other people who would like to at least try and make a difference?

  18. Because they're effectively shitting on people who don't participate.

  19. At a really basic level this often comes down to things like "secrets" e.g. dwarven guilds producing fine armour that the sharpest arrow cannot puncture. Or, more simply, reproduction, where "bad" races typically multiply easily and higher tier races have relatively few children.

  20. Is that really equal though. I mean on a societal level sure but on an individual level the better races will still be better

  21. If you just want a meta - "they all live and reproduce at the same rate" bunch of races, the answer again is specialisms, like in fantasy worlds that are exclusively populated by humans.

  22. Tbh having been around a lot of people, I reckon less than 5% of women truly enjoy anal in of itself, and generally speaking I'm not interested in pushing things onto my partners that I think they'll actively dislike - so it's easy for me to rationalise not having it, if that makes sense?

  23. Creative Assembly: "It's a beta, so you can't criticise it while we spend the next 18 months finishing it"

  24. Pre-pandemic it was the gym - now I have one in my garage.

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