How to Properly Prepare to Protest.

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  1. If the Avs lose tonight I’m fully blaming it on the garbage Rockies organization

  2. Nuggets is absolutely ass tho, looks like something you’d make just beginning to learn how to use illustrator

  3. Driving ID in case you are driving to the protest. Or a passport in case you are going on holidays straight after.

  4. Do not take your personal vehicle anywhere near something that could turn into a riot. The cops themselves will even begin the rioting.

  5. Is anybody really going to spend the thousands on a vacation to this shit hole? I guess the die hards probably will, but most of the asses in those seats will by local seat-fillers.

  6. hop into the Subie with expired temp tags boys, we’re hittin the dispo before the game

  7. Secure the bike which is more valuable than the car, and whistle for the Aussie shepherd.

  8. This thread made me feel really good about myself. Where my ladies at who want a man who can work a 9-5 and come home to cook you meals, bake you desserts, rip your shirt off, sew the buttons back on, watch a soap opera, take you shopping, cry during a movie and fuck you face down on the couch all without bitching about missing a stupid football game?

  9. Can we fuck her facedown on the couch with the football game on mute?

  10. Either it was not really a spinal injury, or they pumped him with enough cortisone to choke a horse.

  11. Yellow is cool. I really do enjoy it. But not school bus/taxi cab yellow.

  12. I haven’t even seen the metaverse. Is it like out there and available to people yet? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I don’t use any Facebook/social sites or apps.

  13. Casting for this movie looks solid so far. Rachel Zegler is a great choice for Lucy Gray, same with Hunter Schafer for Tigris.

  14. Oh damn! I don't know squat about the characters, but that cast is already very strong.

  15. Seriously! The dude has several adult-aged kids, and he looks 35

  16. Grandpa is sexier than his own adult children still. Boggles the mind.

  17. No disrespect to the guy, I love him and he deserves everything, but Naz. He won't be able to replicate THAT level of play.

  18. No it's a 1965. The 1966 does not have the hooded headlight bezels, nor the emblem on the deck lid. 66 also has a taller grille.

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