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  1. Porcupine quills are designed to work their way in deeper too if they are left alone.

  2. The snake is already dying. Snakes don't have a whole lot of wasted space, those quilss are embedded right into its stomache, liver, lung, intestines, and kidneys fir sure. IDK about other organs, but fir sure those ones. It's just not a fast death.

  3. I also think they are overpriced, but the company is two guys in a basement, they have spent so much time and effort on R&D and are only breaking even right now, so I feel like making knockoffs on fosscad is lame, engineering your own PCC chassis for a P320 is chill, but the invader is just plagiarism.

  4. Calling the invader plagiarism is one of the most ignorant things I've heard today, dozens of companies have done the exact same thing with different platforms. The raider is nothing new, it's just the first commercial one for the p320.

  5. Find me another chassis for the P320 that predates that Raider, isn't named as close to Riader as they could get without actually calling it the Raider, has a brace with the offset hook like the Raider, etc.

  6. Gosh I wish that the game could just take all the people this good and put them in their own server. I hate it when I go up against someone this sweaty.

  7. Maybe it could be a signature attachment if we get a glock. I feel like you just chose an obscure "gun" or attachment to try and make yourself sound like an expert though.

  8. Idk why I'd bother trying to seem like an expert on a call of duty sub, what do I have to gain? No, I just got a P320 which this is designed for and think they're dope as hell.

  9. Comparing an SBR to this is like comparing a crew served LMG to an infantry rifle. Sure it has more firepower, but it takes up way more space. They serve entirely different purposes.

  10. Haha, awesome to hear. It will be a while though, not sure when.

  11. Hey man, I just wanted to say I just got a P320 and have been looking into your chassis. I've reddit stalked your account to see relevant posts and how people feel about them. Kudos to how much effort and time you've put into this. I was thinking of getting an invader until I saw how passionate you are about this project. Mad respect to you and your team, and thank you for this contribution to the gun community.

  12. havent shot the Marlin yet but I really like my Henry so once I get out to shoot them ill give a update. Looks wise it is forsure the Marlin

  13. I am torn between a marlin and a henry, both in stainless color with black wood furniture, both in 357 magnum. I like the look of the Marlin more, but the Henry seems more functional for me.

  14. I don't know, but that dog truly loves you.

  15. I just got a P320 X Full, I think I prefer the oval grip over this grip module, but the night sights and having it cut for optics already is nice.

  16. Limited googling suggests that Warzone is extremely RAM and VRAM intensive, so while your specs are basically in line with the minimum specs for the game, they might not be that realistic. Additonally, other circumstances may mean that your hardware isn't performing to that minimum level it needs, it may be difficult to pinpoint. Could be temperature issues, slow hard drive, faulty hardware, etc.

  17. You probably still boot from a hard drive, thats the only explanation i can come up with for your boot time. Get a cheap sata solid state drive, clone your operating system to it and that will fix your boot time. Probably will help with the rest too, can’t imagine that load times and asset loading would be fun with a HDD. Try to get the same capacity as you currently have

  18. I NEED to know what the AR grip is, if it can be put on standard AR lowers, and where I can get it, also what colors. I need this more than air.

  19. You are looking for a Driven Arms CZ Shadow 2 Grip Adapter (AR). It fits all standard ar lowers. The grip panels are Henning full checkered shadow 3 grips in red. It is an expensive grip setup.

  20. $200 dollars, but I have been wanting shadow grips on an AR for over a year. Worth it.

  21. And the pain in the bruised bone too. Eesh man, heal up quick and pound the pain killers.

  22. A 170 dollar A2 birdcage flash hider? No thanks.

  23. Where is that guy from? Been seeing him everywhere and seems like an interesting villain

  24. If he wants a gun to keep you safe, he should focus on the primary threats. Logically, if you sleep with a loaded gun in no form of holster, in your bed, you are far more likely to be shot by your own gun than a home intruder. Now if you put that same gun on your nightstand in a proper holster, that turns a 180°

  25. I'm debating between this in 357 and a marlin 1894 all weather in 357. What do you like about this, what do you dislike?

  26. If you’re in the states they’re most commonly sold under the Taylor and co name, they import them.

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