1. Hehe I know but I gotta make it fair for me plus I kinda wanna feel you squirm on my lap

  2. Oh, fine. If you want to feel that then go ahead. Come on, I’m sat down. Absolutely defenceless. Go on

  3. Hey would you want to keep rp this in a chat

  4. I don’t know but if testing takes any longer than 15 minutes, I’m sorry but I will not be able to wait for the results

  5. Lmao that's a real good one, subverts expectations. I don't have a collection of jokes, unfortunately I am very very serious. No time for silly business

  6. What he has done to our shark friend is an unforgivable sin that needs to be punished

  7. If you’re gay, then prove it. Cuddle with me. Play with my hair. Kiss me. I dare you. Bet you won’t

  8. Hey! You can’t prove shit! I’m not a bottom and you can’t convince anyone!

  9. Sure, we can grab dinner if you want. Idk if my 4’11 ass can see over the table

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