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  1. Doolittle or Bossanova. Favorite song has to b e where is my mind

  2. Both bangers, mine is Doolittle but I also really like the come on pilgrim EP, it has three of my favourite songs: I’ve been tired, Holiday Song and Levitate Me

  3. Yeah I mean I'm not a huge fan of democrats but they couldn't actually do anything here. They don't have the votes. Manchin isn't really a democrat he just calls himself one for whatever reason.

  4. Joe Biden’s whole thing while he was campaigning was “vote for me I can get bipartisan support in the senate and get things done” and now he can’t even get his whole party on board with his agenda so I think we can comfortably blame him for this

  5. Whatever helps you sleep at night. He was never my first choice so I guess I didn’t have faith he would do any of that. It’s probably way more disappointing for people who believed him. But I don’t blame him for where we are - there was no way he was gonna save us at the point he took office.

  6. Wasn’t my first choice either but I still blame him for straight up lying and/or drastically overestimating his abilities

  7. Literally everything the person on the right is saying is factual (aside from Uwu, that’s more subjective)

  8. Clearly you’ve never seen the show, the government covers up anything interesting that happens in Indiana to fuel the anti-Indiana agenda

  9. And now start watching Lucas Kunce in Missouri.

  10. Absolutely, he’s a rare case of a progressive Democrat succeeding in a red state. Although tbh I think the only way he wins the senate seat in 2022 is if Eric Greitens gets the Republican nomination, which to be fair may well happen. Even if he does lose however I could see him becoming a Stacy Abrahams type figure, working on a state wide level to bring a Republican state more Democratic and maybe one day even winning a high level state wide office like governor

  11. As a Missouri progressive, sometimes I vote as a republican in the primary just to try and give a push to the candidate with the worst chance of winning

  12. The world isn’t built to function on public transport and bikes, especially in sprawling countries like the US. By saying that electric cars aren’t environmentally safe, it implies you are saying they aren’t better than normal cars, which plays into the very common misbelief that they’re actually worse than regular cars, despite being better.

  13. Alright so the issues with comparing the electric car situation with veganism is that veganism is a clear cut case, and having a few vegan days a week is actually significant progress, whereas electric cars are simply a variation of the same problem. Sure electric cars may not produce quite as much CO2 as regular cars, but they are still cars, the frame alone takes lots of metals that the world is running out of and simply isn’t a sustainable system. As well as this there are other ways that can be more effective to support veganism, such as government subsidies for vegan foods, remove government subsidies from the meat market, national healthy eating PSAs and adverts, etc.

  14. Except they aren’t that different. We need cars, that’s just a fact. We can have worse revalue cars, or we can have the continually improving electric cars. The metal from old cars can be recycled into new cars.

  15. ‘We need cars’ bro wtf are you talking about, what job do we need cars for that effective public transport wouldn’t do 100 times more efficiently, environmentally friendly and cheaper? Need to travel a short distance quickly? If you aren’t willing to walk/cycle get a bus (more frequent with extra spending) Need to travel across a city? Trams, underground trains, buses again Need to travel across the country? Train networks, high speed or regular Come on dude argue for electric cars all you want but you can’t deny that public transport isnt a better option even if you may disagree with implementing it because of a Churchill quote.

  16. That’s a tough one, the closest I could find to it was Liberia? It’s got the same stripes but only one star, so it might be connected? Maybe it’s a local variant of the Liberian flag, but I’m not aware of any Liberian communities on the US border. Hope this helped 🙏

  17. If you’re a trans person and you get married does that make you a class traitor lmao

  18. I'm guessing this is based on that video that made the rounds recently. I'm still blown away at how many people would rather be cheated on.

  19. Anyone have a link where we could donate toward this man's re-election?

  20. ‘All of us are dead’ on Netflix, a really interesting take on a zombie apocalypse, where the government isn’t completely incompetent and are actually pragmatic, whilst also still being cold and calculating (and that’s not even the main part of the show). Almost all the characters are all really well written (especially the villain) and it has a unique style where it shows lots of smaller storylines of people ending up as zombies, often eventually influencing the plot. At first I didn’t really understand the point of it but after a few episodes they start to pay off and it all ties in together. Oh and also the zombies are fantastic, different from the walking dead in the sense that these zombies are absolute murder machines, fast, brutal and very difficult to debilitate or kill, would thoroughly recommend

  21. You’ll be fine, you just gotta anticipate the dumb questions like ‘trans women have an advantage in sports’ or ‘if we let trans women in women’s bathrooms bad things will happen’. Some fun facts/arguments I like to use:

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