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  1. its on you for not doing your research. this business does not come down to trust. there are procedures starting with using mm

  2. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable commute, even daily.

  3. be upfront and say they are not training you properly, nothing to be done

  4. I don’t particularly love “most shocking shootings,” as that sounds subjective. How did you choose those cases? What constructs build up “shock?”

  5. these stats are 50 percent trolling tho keep that in mind

  6. Not sure why this wouldn't work, but you could also try creating a firewall rule that matches this traffic by destination. Use the "gateway" option in the rule to specify that gateway2 should be used.

  7. I am a DOT bridge inspector with Team Leader status. I am not an engineer, so keep my perspective in mind. This is quite long, but hopefully informative in details.

  8. do a masters in Education or something related with pedagogics, thats the play

  9. Major in education, it opens many doors in japan

  10. twitch doesnt have a built in function like that but youtube does. if you have a phone you could just use Translate Me and put the mice close to the speaker of your computer

  11. surpassing oldpeoplefacebook is more of an achievement i think

  12. Nah this guy is still more muscular than asmon.

  13. asmon has been going to the gym every day for 2 weeks now m8

  14. asmon is in the gym right now, this content doesnt apply anymore

  15. Here is a list I made on a similar thread a few years ago:

  16. There are quite a few things wrong with the tier list but I'll only mention the most obvious one.

  17. P135, been immortal for 4 weeks - i am bored out of my mind doing these stupid dailies. And dont even get me started on vault defense, literally the worst game design ive ever witnessed.

  18. the endless grind is breaking the breach between f2p and p2w tho

  19. Jajajaja, también me da mucha gracia que se den vueltas y vueltas, para que se puedan echar, los perros enigmáticos :)

  20. This is my dream come true. Wish my work place did this. I want to see manager cry lmao

  21. they went outside and took some selfies with a shackle and a hammer, i heard

  22. Did you know that measurements are the biggest reason for online returns of buck converters?

  23. Sales Cloud feels easier to implement and pretty good imo

  24. Try going to system apps > settings > select IME > enable on screen keyboard

  25. this is probably the most racist thing i have seen on reddit...

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