1. Try shoe trees. If you don’t have them, wedge a tennis ball to try and correct them.

  2. Oranjeboom, Oranjeboom, it’s a larger not a tune…

  3. Look at the Trusted Dealer list - their website addresses are there. This one came from Geektime.

  4. “Everyone”. I’ve told you a million times not to exaggerate.

  5. I must have stored things back in the vault when thinking I’m equipping them 100 times…

  6. Fingers crossed that they are the seal retroactively…

  7. VSF stock is limited so I’d suggest enquiring as to availability before getting carried away.

  8. I can’t answer directly but my recent LV purchases from 8B have been on point. Only one suggestion: request chest photos from your agent as no 2 pieces are ever the same.

  9. That badge is awful. Looks like they swapped out the maple leaves with fighter jets!

  10. GT BMX. Are you one of the more “mature” members (like myself)?

  11. Good man. Did you manage to build your old Skool grail?

  12. Bottom leafs tail is off-centre? All leafs are good other than that flaw.

  13. I have a retail piece (Regent Street) that has 2 leaves touching and the bottom left leaf is missing its tail altogether! Sad but true. Yes QC allows us the luxury of being picky but in reality, the OG pieces aren't perfect in the first place.

  14. Wow that's nuts, Canada goose be slacking. To think repbros have better jackets then retail.

  15. I'm more likely to get called out on my retail! Safer with ma reps

  16. Hit the trusted sellers link, you'll find him listed below Stone Island.

  17. Yeah what I’ve been seeing especially like when the Chicago ofw drop

  18. It’s like that on all the shoes I own - AJ1, Blazers, AM90s & AJ4s.

  19. Damn. I ordered both of those during that timeframe. I haven’t worn them yet…

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