1. What's with the overblown chicks with dicks toons?

  2. Project A-Ko, Gunbuster, Bubblegum Crisis, and The Ping Pong Club, come to mind.

  3. Original Traveller had character death when creating PC's. That was always fun.

  4. Traveller is kind of a gem. Try the new 2nd Edition from Mongoose

  5. Well if you want to play Middle Earth I'd say go with RoleMaster. The system started out as MERPS. (Middle Earth Role Playing System)

  6. I mean it's literally is by definition in Britain

  7. “Slag” in Britain is derogatory towards women. You can see why you wouldn’t want your brand associated with that :/

  8. OK fine, cabbage and lettuce and onions and tomatoes.

  9. You remind me of the people on twitter that when someone says, "I like pancakes," react with, "So you are saying that you hate waffles!".

  10. I’m not a vegan but I’d argue that’s not really the same as the supposed “meat eater” (for lack of a better term) isn’t actually restricted to eating only meat. I’d say a better analogy would be someone on a carnivore diet, but even then the person doesn’t have a moral problem with consumption of plants or anything

  11. The human stomach can hold about 2kg of foodstuffs.

  12. Not true. I've seen people in eating competitions eating 7# or more of food.

  13. That makes more sense i was thinking this dude was about to scarf down 3 pounds of fucking cereal.

  14. 10.9 mill in Burnaby? That's a nice 1 bedroom condo with no laundry or washroom!

  15. She won $10.9mil. We can laugh at the fact they left out million, but doesn't change how much she won.

  16. My only complaint is they didn't wear armor like the real Spartans did.

  17. Thank you, I was scratching my head over what figurines would “perch” on

  18. I will chime in along with everyone else that Werewolf Apocalypse or Forsaken will be the main ones. Personally, I really liked the Wired West variant that they did of it back in the 90s.

  19. Isn't werewolf : wild west and werewolf : dark age part of werewolf : the apocalypse?

  20. And? Is your point that Andy would not have seen gay characters when he went to the movies in 1996? Because your probably right but so what? Are you saying it’s a plot hole or that it’s inappropriate in 2022 because it wouldn’t have happened in 1996?

  21. Yes, I'm saying it's a Major plot hole, because he wouldn't have seen gay characters in a kids' movie in '96.

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