1. Special vehicles you made with the menu or special vehicles you “accidentally” purchased?

  2. Last time I went I ordered 3 different sauces and the girl just goes “Wow… that’s a lot of sauces”. And I thought to myself, how the hell am I getting judged for my affinity for sauces at a gd Popeye’s

  3. Well I just reinstalled the game. When I had the mod menu before it worked just fine. Does my antivirus need to be off?

  4. I think you either misunderstood or missed the point entirely. The names appear in blocks. Probably Chinese characters. They join sessions, spam chat and leave. You blocking them in-game does nothing.

  5. I think you misunderstood something that has worked for decades of gta online, that if you block a certain username, it never appears for you nor you could see what they type, OR if they want to try, they can’t join a session with you

  6. Mate the names appear in blocks. I cannot search for that

  7. New user? great, get on the discord server, that’s where you could make a ticket about your concerns or help

  8. I didn't think the real Kiddions is on that discord. This being the case, I wouldn't even bother.

  9. and your line “wouldn’t bother” implies to what, are you calling the whole server a fraud or what? cuz I’m very sure the staff of this subreddit are present there

  10. Download the latest version of Ultimate Controller Script from discord. Search "Thorben's Discord" in the google search then click on the first link. Join the Thorben's Discord. Thorben's Discord have all kiddions scripts and much more.

  11. Ah yes, the “just go somewhere that isn’t approved by anyone to give us your data” method

  12. Oh I didn't know we can hide clothing, how do I do that? Thank you for your reply

  13. I think it works the same as the gun locker if I remember correctly

  14. Do you mean the edit save outfits option?

  15. No no, I’d suggest asking in the discord server cuz I barely remember anything even as an ex-staff

  16. No idea why even ask about it, literally no one cares how you get money under a billion a mission, just go at it however you want until someone “reports” you.. even that is rare unless you’re bothering someone or them bothering you

  17. Under a billion a mission ?

  18. Have a Heineken, maybe that helps with the translation

  19. Very suspicious heineken ad choice placement.. but alright whatever feels like it

  20. Tbh I don't even like Heineken, but it's the Dutch beer everyone knows.

  21. If it’s in the store other than the shitty other beers heck I don’t care much, better a known mid range than absolut dogshits

  22. I can’t really lie can I, it’s only the way you profit the money they care about

  23. Roblox wants to keep ugc poly count down to help with mobile users mainly i assume

  24. Just don’t mind the 50 hair and accessories wearing people those are an exception

  25. Well I call my penis a joke and it makes girls laugh but technically still my dick so I need further explanation

  26. No i gotta complete the diamond casino heist

  27. What they should do is: “Cry about it, and log off if you’re offended”

  28. Check faqs, and as a first measure try quitting the menu and running it as administrator

  29. How many times must it be stated, WAIT FOR THE NEW VERSION, or download Stand basic.

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