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  1. Rhaenyra approved the death of an innocent so she could fuck her uncle and consolidate her power, Alicent never could (sarcasm btw), she was shocked when Larys told her what he did, but let's forget this guys, Alicent is the bad bitch and Rhaenyra is the good girl.

  2. It doesn’t matter than alicent was shocked when larys told her what he did. She is totally cool with what happened now and literally told him she was going to use him again. Rhaenarya is terrible but I do think alicent is worse.

  3. People literally only care about named characters, it’s actually pretty embarrassing.

  4. I don't think there's a probably, he looks at the girls and smirks while positioned above Jace ready to strike, seemingly to make sure they were watching what he was about to do.

  5. It’s not a probably. This kid is psychotic. He was absolutely going to bash that kids skull in and it looked like he would’ve enjoyed it.

  6. I agree, but any respect he earned from me completely disappeared when he was a complete shit to his cousins in the very next scene. He didn't deserve to lose an eye, but did deserve to be taught a lesson.

  7. Yep he’s a little bitch. He’s been getting bullied his whole life, and this proves the only reason he also didn’t bully people was because he didn’t have the power to do it. As soon as he gets a dragon, he was going to bash a kids skull in with a rock.

  8. I really do not like Aemond at all, he’s psychotic, but god damn this line was cold as hell

  9. He definitely did not attempt to comfort Jacaerys. He literally silently stood in front of him and then walked away. How is that comforting in any way?

  10. I don’t like Aemond at all but he did try to smile at Jacaerys I guess

  11. Yeah sorry, smiling at someone is not comfort lol, it’s the bare minimum to not be a dick.

  12. I like how everyone just accepted Daemon killing that NPC as a part of the greater good

  13. People only care about names characters, Rhaenrya is absolutely still a piece of shit for doing that.

  14. King Viserys is really going to see all this go to shit. My guy just wants to die peacefully.

  15. Every single episode I just feel worse and worse for Viserys. He just wants his family to work together and to thrive for generations. But everybody else is just so god damn petty and immature.

  16. I mean we just came out of a major celebration, I think they are fine with this being a dead month

  17. Lol yeah they probably just made the most money from a celebration ever

  18. They just made goku WAYYYYY too strong, that’s why everybody looks insanely weak compared to him. I mean vegeta was literally fodder the entire time until he got ssj4.

  19. Google 180lb woman and see the various images that pop up.

  20. Okay? That doesn’t disprove my statement. All you proved was that women in fact do look different than each other. It’s the same exact thing for men.

  21. No, height looks the same. I know what 5’10 looks like across any weight of man. I actually dont care about weight much. Id prefer to know if im taller than my date…..thats all.

  22. Build matters when it comes to height as well, not all 5’8 men look the same.

  23. I mean we have no idea how strong black freiza actually is nor do we have an idea how strong Gohan beast is for example. All we have are vague statements from the movie really

  24. We do know that the battle between cell max and beast gohan is the greatest battle in history, so beast gohan is likely stronger than everything we’ve seen until that point. This wouldn’t include black frieza.

  25. Was that stated in an interview? And yeah, black freiza is still most likely way above Gohan

  26. Y'all act like this show isn't filled with cringe humor.

  27. It’s the point of the show for the most part lol, Michael freaking Scott is the main character

  28. You know you don’t have to follow this right? You can tip whatever you want lol.

  29. I did AA. They built up in their passive per attack. I wanted them fully built up as soon as possible. I don’t really care how much damage they output, I just want them to have as much defense as they can get

  30. Yep this is what I did as well, plus they raise defense on super attack too.

  31. Bro ruining dokkan with only using a song💀

  32. I’ve never seen a more obvious bait/troll account, like you literally didn’t even try.

  33. I constantly get banned so I have to start a new account lmao

  34. Oh you knew what Akira toriyama had in mind the entire time? Do you know him personally? That’s cool!

  35. You do realize that toriyama still controls the overall story, correct? So if it concerns a literal character arc and character motivations, that goes through toriyama. Toyotarou doesn’t do anything without toriyamas approval.

  36. Can you believe theyre going to plpull the plug on overwatch its so sad

  37. Nah, some of the reworks kind of suck. Sym is now even more useless and i hate going against and playing as sym, same with doomfist also being useless, one tank means that if you're going ball you'll get flamed, roadhog is now even worse somehow, the art direction seems to have less personality in the designs and portraits. Although i am excited to be called the N word day one since the founders pack will let us have instant access to comp

  38. Sym being useless is a great thing, she’s one of the worst designed characters in the game and needs a rework, same with hog. Ball is playable, just harder to work around, he’s not dog shit like hog is.

  39. If we go off Vegito and his jawbreaker situation with Buu. We can make the guess that once you’re significantly more powerful than your opponent you retain consciousness and your level of power even after being turned into candy or in this case a carrot.

  40. That could just be a vegito thing though. He’s like the perfect fighter.

  41. Also I’d imagine you’d wanna get used to the game before doing so

  42. If you’ve played the betas you should be fine to jump straight into comp

  43. I feel like if you play DPS you're going to want to get a grip on the new DPS Passive, because it's going to be both strong and disruptive depending on the character.

  44. That’s a good point actually, I forgot about the new dps passive

  45. Ideally immediately before the first hyperbolic time chamber usage.

  46. Piccolo would’ve absolutely demolished vegeta. That was after he absorbed Kami, piccolo was the strongest Z fighter before the time chamber.

  47. Exactly, imagine how fun that would be to watch. Vegeta would've been irate.

  48. It would’ve been amazing lol, I don’t know if vegeta would’ve ever truly recovered from that

  49. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous hanzo doesn’t have fall off on his arrows. You shouldn’t just be able to blindly spam and get value with a lucky ass headshot.

  50. Why do people put the shittiest and loudest music for these videos

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