1. They didn’t repurchase anything yet, they still have over 100mm for buybacks

  2. Definitely, GME moved above the 4hr VWMA and held above bouncing off it in the premarket of March 24th. Going to test upper range of 29.

  3. According to some of the other activist investors and market analysts would disagree with your line of thought on this. Thank you for the comments.

  4. Give me one reason they actually don’t want the bailouts to happen? They shorted the stocks, took profits, bailouts, flip position, profit.

  5. Thats not even a lot tbh when gamestop market cap is over 6 Billion

  6. Im a little tipsy rn, otherwise I’d do the post, someone please save me the 20 min trouble of posting this. We just need a compilation of printable DD or even better a PDF that is easily accessible for others to print, then instructions where to send it, I will fucking send whoever does this 20$ no questions asked

  7. Na I have a pretty good grasp on the situation. My “portfolio” is all GME unlike yours

  8. Noooo I work in the financial industry and have for 5 years as well as having a degree in finance. I probably know more about financial markets then 95% of the community. Yes I’m negative, for now. Just ready for real price discovery. What exactly do you know about financial markets?

  9. Enough to be profitable every year for ten years straight since I started trading at 19.

  10. Side note, as a billionaire, how the fuck is Steve so fat man? Prioritize the machine keeping your brain alive and eat some good food and get a trainer.

  11. Dont always go full tilt, make sure to have money on the side to average down.

  12. 90% of the time, you want to buy one or two strikes out of the money, always buy a minimum of 5 weeks out but try to do 2-3 months.

  13. You could do a sale-lease back, where you sell the building to someone, and they lease it back to you, freeing up cash for business operations. This is a common tactic used to offload the boat anchor that is office real estate.

  14. This is big news, there might be a rally on this news from investors picking up their pieces. Stock market will inverse retail sell pressure and we pump green across all indexes tomorrow.


  16. You know what, we are primed. This is actually exactly the word I’d use, everything is loaded up and ready to rumble. I think accumulation has already begun for this move and it’s all in preparation for earnings.

  17. The closest market day to 2/18 is a Tuesday…

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