My abuser died

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Meanwhile in Moscow: Long queues at ATMs

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Kyiv resident evacuates from home with his fish, cat, and rifle

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  1. It's up there. I'm paid well, and even have a decent job that I 80% enjoy. But I'm considering moving on to a way lower paying career, that has no outside of work requirements, or responsibility. I'd prefer to be happy and poor than sad and rich. I've seen both through friends and family and know what my personal preference is.

  2. Is ACT Legislative Assembly standard practice still to stand down for a week for a no-confidence motion, or did they fix that during previous Lib shenanigans?

  3. Under the Self-Government Act 1988, 19(b), a resolution of no-confidence in the Chief Minister has no effect unless there is 'at least one week’s notice', which is why they had to create another sitting day for Monday, 15 August 2022.

  4. Sometimes it's good to let it all out. Nothing wrong with being able to cry when you want to cry, whether you're a man or a woman.

  5. It's crazy how much that took me back to my youth. RIP Chester, but your legacy lives on.

  6. The problem was, they HAD lifeguards on the side lines. According to the coach who dove in, the lifeguards just watched with none of them taking action, so she sprung to action. The lifeguards had ONE job...

  7. is it a visual bug (ugh), is the color still that way if you restart the game?

  8. I restarted the game, and now the hyper green body is all black, but the eyes are intact.

  9. Sounds like my experience as well, I got 4 shinies and my wife got 1 (5 total for day 1, played 10am-6pm)

  10. Same. Except I got the bottom of the gutter tier result of ZERO shinies, whilst playing 10-6, around lots of stops with lures, plus incense all day.

  11. Both surprised and horrified that such a big thing was actually LIVING in its body...

  12. Yes! Also impressed dude was able to pull it out

  13. Agree. In that sense, it was satisfying to watch - like a pimple popping video.

  14. Haha, fair play to that comment. Canberra Weekly is definitely the pick of the two free "news" magazines in town.

  15. Canberra Weekly isn't that much better, especially with their main opinion column written by Bill Stefaniak (former Liberal opposition party leader). Other articles and ads are also geared towards the right.

  16. that's more than what I got lol thankfully I have the shinies from the first Mudkip day, otherwise I'd be furious

  17. Same - I got zero shinies playing for the full 3 hours, so I would have been super sad if I didn't already have some from the original Mudkip day. Admittedly, I was in isolation, so I could only use an incense, but it still felt like a very lackluster day (not that you can call these 'day' events now that it's 3 hours...)

  18. No matter what happens, sadly, "only the dead have seen the end of war.” — George Santayana, 1922.

  19. It’s looks interesting, it would be great to see a translation.

  20. Here goes (a bit long, but for those who are interested), clockwise on the mainland from Perth:

  21. Honestly I feel like the most interesting parts of this map are 1) the way that katakana was written opposite to the way it's written these days and 2) the way Australia was spelled slightly differently in katakana back then-- though little enough difference to really matter at all. I wonder why the change on both accounts?

  22. The "ヤリラトスーオ" you see written on the original map is how Japanese used to be written, from right to left. On top of that, Japanese also used to be written from top to bottom!

  23. I'm SO happy for you, I pumped up my fists in solidarity. I wish I knew what happened to my abuser. Not knowing whether they're alive or dead doesn't give me closure.

  24. I watched the video of the captured Russian soldier (who was also maybe about 18? 19?), and he looked like he was having a panic attack, crying a lot, his whole body language just screaming "I'm scared and I don't want to be here".

  25. Your comment made me cry. To some, they are just animals, but to him, they're family. I hope he has found safety for himself and his family.

  26. Luckily my work has showers, so I got to freshen up this morning. My chooks are having a belated Christmas feast of all the fridge & freezer contents, so they're certainly not complaining! Otherwise, I've been trying to help clear the neighbourhood a bit, by clearing the debris choking up drains and piling branches onto the curbs for easy collection.

  27. Weetangera: there's a house fire on Abernethy Street and the fire crew are attending to it. Multiple big gum/acacia trees torn down on Abernethy, Darmody and Packer Streets, the upgrade to the water drainage system they've been working on couldn't come faster...

  28. The winds we were getting on one of the next streets over was freaking wild

  29. I know right! I was trying to get my chooks inside their hut while getting battered by the wind, it was the first time I'd ever ran fearing for my safety, when the hail started pelting down. (Then my neighbours' huge gum tree split and crushed their car and letterbox...)

  30. Might run one on sunday at 4:59 since then hopefully it will be back to Christmas spawns. Don’t want to waste on on cd spawns(especially not full odds cd spawns)

  31. Replying to this to confirm that as at 5:00PM on Sunday here in Australia, Community Day spawns have disappeared completely. I still have an incense on, but it is attracting mons like Christmas Spheal and Pikachu.

  32. Don’t remember where, but someone posted a video of a spotlight hour ending where the spotlight Pokémon was shiny, after the hour ended the spotlight pokemon changed to another pokemon and was still shiny. Not sure what to infer from this…

  33. I remember the video too! They clicked on a spotlight mon which was shiny, then backed out, and the clock hit 7; the shiny spotlight mon changed to a shiny non-spotlight mon when they clicked on it again. But I too am not sure what this would mean in terms of OP's question lol.

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